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Update of Florist - Edens Echo

Erin has apologized with this message..

I did make the flowers on Tuesday in late afternoon and into the night, and I worked really hard on them, as you know I even emailed her pictures to make sure I was getting the look she wanted.  For most of my weddings I get my flowers and begin working with them on Wednesday morning, so it was really surprising to me that they weren't ok, it was only a 12 hour difference. 

Unfortunately I trusted my assistant when she called me on Friday and said everything looked fine.  I am not trying to pass the blame here, I do blame myself for this.  I keep having 'if only' moments.  I find it extremely disappointing that she tried to say there were no other flowers to work with, when if they were as sad looking as I'm hearing, she could very well have gone to my wholesaler and gotten replacements on my account (they are open 7am-7pm). 

She made the boutonnieres and corsages, since that is one thing I don't do ahead of time since they have no water source.  While I'm glad she did the work of delivering and creating the boutonnieres, I'm extremely angry that she brought those flowers to you as they were, after she told me they were fine, and then tells you that She would not have sent out these flowers.  She DID, she did exactly that!  I've been working with her for almost a year, but I rarely go out of town so I expected her usual level or work.  I trusted her to take care of my flowers in my absence, and she let me down and did not perform one of the most important aspects (making sure things looked right), which in turn devastated you and Rachel (who I just adore, btw) and also myself.

 I'm going to be letting her go.  As for the ceremony arrangement dropping flowers, sometimes they can get loose during transportation and I know that it was outside for a while before the ceremony and as the foam that the flowers are in gets hot, the moisture evaporates and the foam can't securely hold the flowers as well.  I don't know how early she put the ceremony flowers out, but if it were me I would not have hung them until 1.5 hours prior.  I did a wedding in July where I made the arrangement that day and since it had to be outside for 2 hours because family was arriving early, it dropped 2 stems during the ceremony, which I was also a guest at.  Heat is murder on outdoor flowers, especially ones that apparently weren't perfect to begin with. :(  I hope flowers were not falling left and right and interrupting your ceremony.  I am so sorry that this happened.

Re: Update of Florist - Edens Echo

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    She has offered a refund-- and this makes me completely happy. My bouquet was the only thing I think needed to be refunded due to adding more roses.
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    That's good she is being professional and you got a refund.
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    So happy to hear that everything has been handled so professionally.  It's sad that this had to happen on your special day but it's somewhat comforting knowing that you were heard and action was taken to try and make amends.  
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