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HELP!!! Please

Ok with the wedding less then 30 days away I have a few people asking me about a wedding day timeline. Ok how do I start this thing? What needs to be on it? Do the groomsmen and the bridesmaids need to have two different timelines because they will be meeting and doing different things?  If I could get any help on this that would be great.... Thanks

Re: HELP!!! Please

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    Well, there are some timeline guides online and I think there may be some under TK's planning page or whatever. Here is one if you are interested in using it:


    As for us, I didn't physically hand my BM or our GM anything. Basically, it was my responsibilty as the bride and my husband's responsibility as the groom to communicate with our WP to make sure they knew where they needed to be and at one time. We all met about an hour and a half at church to get dressed and have our photographer take pics. Then we had the ceremony. We got married at 1pm, so we did not have pre-wedding brunches or anything like that. And all of the girls got their hair done in the morning. And we got our nails done the night before, so again, there wasn't really a need for a timeline thingy.

    It really wasn't that difficult if you have open communication. I don't think all those formal wedding day timelines are necessary as long as everyone knows where they need to be at what time.
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  • I agree that you don't necessarily have to physically have a piece of paper to give to people. Just spread the word what is going on, and be good communicator. It might be a good idea, though, to have something written down as a guideline to follow- not meaning you have to stick to it minute to minute, but just so you have a general idea of where everybody should be and when.
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  • I think it would be quite useful to hand out the wedding schedule for the day, everything being on paper helps visualize the whole day. Maybe you can give them at the rehearsal dinner. This way no one can say they didn't know what they had to do, or at what time the pictures are being taken, also ppl can bother you less.

    Good luck and congrats!
  • We did a timeline (as in, a little paper one that we handed out) because we had multiple events scheduled for the day, so people really did need to know what was happening when, especially for those who weren't hanging with us the whole day.  If your day just consists of "get ready and show up for the ceremony", then you can just give the attendants their call time(s) and manage the rest yourselves.
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  • Thanks everyone for you input. With everything you have said I don't think I need a timeline... and I don't wnat to make one and all they have to do is show up at one place at one time.

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