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Central New York

MOB Dress??

do you have any suggestions of where to shop in Syracuse for a dress for my mom?? She doesn't want anything with a jacket or too frumpy, but a lot of the bridesmaids type dresses are too young. We'd like to go shopping one of these days but I have no clue of where to take her!! Any suggestions would be great!

Re: MOB Dress??

  • My mother is having the same problem, but one of our vendors recommended looking at the boutiques in Utica. Apparently the Italian women in the area like to go all out for weddings, and you can find unique dresses that are not like the standard ones you find in Syracuse. We are planning on spending an afternoon in Utica first, and hopefully won't have to keep searching!

    Otherwise, I'm not sure about what else is in Syracuse. Did you try Alfred Angelo? They have a fairly big MOB collection.

    Hope this helps!!
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  • My mom got hers from Alfred Angelo. It is one of their bridesmaid styles, but its really formal and looks great on my mom, who is 54. 
    I can't copy the picture, so here is the link:

    my mom got the top in lavender, and the bottom in eggplant. (looks wierd online, but came out GREAT!)

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  • I've been going through the same thing with my mom.. they have some really nice options at jcrew online under the wedding tab.. they have MOB and even some of the bridesmaids aren't too young looking.. Also just some dresses under the womens are very trendy but not too young.
    Good Luck
  • That is hilarious you are coming to Utica! I am in Utica and was thinking of going to Syracuse! What shops specifically have you heard good things about??

    I will check out the Alfred Angelo- is that an actual store in Syracuse??

    I've been trying to sell my mom on some of the Jcrew dresses or Ann Taylor (where I got my dress), but she is hesitant. I know she just wants to try some things on to see what looks best.

    Thanks for all of your help ladies!
  • Alfred Angelos is a store in Syracuse (they're a designer, but recently opened a store here).  It's on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt.

    My mom got a dress at David's Bridal for my sister's wedding.  Some of them are nice.

    Even Macy's has some decent options if I remember correctly or Lord and Taylor... but it's a little more hit and miss at those stores.
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