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March 2011 Weddings


Good morning everyone! How is everyone today?

Last night I finished the invite envelopes! So happy they are all addressed now! Whoo hoo! I also played some Black Ops with FI lol. It's fun =)
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Re: Morning!

  • Oh yes, also I am on day 7 of the 30 Day Shred Level 2. I plan on doing 3 more days and moving on to Level 3 even though Level 2 feels like I could die every time. Gosh I want to kick Jillian in her butt!
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  • Haha congrats on the workout routine!! And for getting the invites done!!

    I'm good this morning, had a restful night and got my veil in the mail yesterday!!!! I am soooooo excited, I don't have a pic yet but I ended up finding an etsy seller and sending her a pic of my dress and asked her to create a veil to match my dress. I put a lot of faith in her and I am relieved she came thru!

    I also got some pretty awesome co-workers who gave me some gift cards to Tim Hortons and this amazing smelling candle. I feel bad that I wasn't able to get anyone at work something this year, but thankful that they understand why.
  • Good morning! *yawn* tired this morning, and I think its just because I know that after TOMORROW i get a long weekend...whew!

    Nothing WR going on this week, concentrating on family and Christmas and my sisters bday is on Christmas Eve. She's having a Christmas party and wants it to have nothing to do w/ her bday but Im getting her a cake anyway! :)

    Poor FI is just exhuasted. he worked 9 days straight (minimum of 12 hours) had one day off and is back on...thankfully they gave him Christmas eve and day off!
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  • I got the second draft of my invites. I will post the final copy after I get it. (Don't want to show you guys every silly change)

    I am going to bake more cookies today. Fun. I am making the gooey ones JSweetie posted.
  • OH! Im making cookies today too...but nothing special...just triple chocolate chip....My nephew was selling cookie dough for school, my dumb self bought TWO tubs, and i have no room for it so Im trying to get them all baked and given away before it goes bad.
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  • Good morning!
    Not much going on today. Already worked out and probably going to make Crème de Menthe brownies. So good.

  • Oh gosh...speaking of cooking/baking. I have to make my pasta sauce tonight and tomorrow I will attempt to make the Italian rainbow cookies.
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  • Gooooooood Morning!!  About to head to work and I'm excited because we are getting REALLLY busy with Christmas in just a few days!  I have to brag for a minute...I got home last night and the FI had dinner on the table with a glass of my favorite wine (Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio sp?).  We then had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and candles lit up the apartment!  Then a great night followed :)  Needless to say we NEEDED a phone free, TV free, computer free night!

    WR--I FINALLY made a Planning Bio!  My BMs are from OOT so it's a great way to keep them updated!  OH and the invites went out for my first shower on Jan 15, thrown by my BMs!  SO excited!
  • mlhubbrd sounds like a wonderful night!! Every now and then we have to just kind of sep away from everything! THats the CHristmas weekend plan for us, other than family gatherings, I plan to be totally off the radar! :)
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  • Oh man you guys just reminded me I was supposed to bake cookies with my sister tonight! lol Nothing fancy just peanut blossoms. But I also have to make ambrosia for my brother's since I won't have time before heading over to his house tomorrow.

    Mlhubbard - Sounds like a really awesome night, I am officially jealous! My FI is working the overnight shift right now so we got a 2 ships passing the night thing going on right now.
  • @mlhubbard...what a great way to come home and a great night =)
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  • Good morning! I finally did some Christmas shopping. Yes I am last minute but in my defense I didnt have money AT ALL until last week. I got my mom a Macy's gift card because she pratically lives there and FI some cologne because he ran out. Last night I had to drive to the city where he works (I hate it! it's ghetto) and give FI his Black Ops game because apparently it just stopped working on him. So he wanted to return it but wanted to be in uniform in hopes that they wont give him a problem lol
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  • Morning!  Ugh working east coast hours from the west is slowly killing me.  It's more like starting with the East and finishing with the West.

    Our last batch of holiday cards just went out the door, WOOHOO!  Now onto working on invites.  Lots to do before New Year - buy rings, finish & address invites, buy pocketfolds & envelopes, hire a DJ, ooph.
  • Good morning everyone!!!  Not much going on here.  The flu has been kicking mine and FIs butts for the past couple of days.  He's finally up and attem and I'm still BLAH!!!!

    Haven't done much of anything but sleep for two days.  On top of the flu I have cramps and I'm just feeling like crap. Hopefully this will be all over with before Christmas Eve when the FILs come over to gift swap.

    Baking cookies tomorrow.  Cream cheese cookies and chocolate chips.  Both traditions in my house, so carrying it on with our new family.  Just can't eat too many since I have to fit in my dress in two weeks.

    CONGRATS ON WORKING OUT LADIES!!!  I'm down to my original weight now from when I bought my dress, so can't lose or gain anymore weight.

    Have a great day everyone!!!
  • @Tanq...do you have ideas for the DJs?
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  • Jenn- I've got some recs from the Hawaii forum, but I haven't had time to sit down and call anyone and get to know them.  The one my coordinator recommends kind of scares me :-)  No reviews, no one has heard of him, and he thought I was nuts for asking to hear a sample of his MCing parts...
  • Oh yea duh...forgot your wedding is in Hawaii. Yea it must be tough hiring someone for that. I say go with the ones the Hawaii board recs.
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  • Good morning everyone! Nothing super exciting going on here. Work is quiet, which is nice, so I'm trying to catch up on some more administrative things that I slack on during the rest of the year. :) Last night FI and I went to dinner at our fave little Mexican restaurant and then watched some TV. Tonight we're celebrating our one-year engagement anny (because I'm a dork, ha) and having a date night. :)

    All the cookies you guys are making sound so yummy! Silly wedding diet makes me feel guilty for eating them. I'm really proud of myself, though - I've been going to the gym almost every morning and running for 30mins. I'm down to 8:53min miles!! :) 

    Tanq - no way I'd hire a DJ without reviews or hearing something. Yikes!!


  • Morning! I'm kind of feeling my age today. We went out for FI's work party last night and didn't get home until 2am. We went to dinner and went to my favorite bar for karaoke....it was fun, but I'm really not used to going out that late anymore.

    Today we're picking up my sisters MOH dress at David's and I need to get some supplies for craft projects. Yay!

    My new bff Gayle Forman!

    ?You can have your wishes, your plans, but at the end of the day, it's out of your control" - Gayle Forman
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  • Good morning March ladies!

    I am so thankful that i only have one day left of work after today and then I don't have to work again until the 3rd.  I have a 4day work week for my secretary job and today is my last day of work for my waitress job so half day tomorrow is going to rock!  I am ready for a week and a half off.
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  • Good morning! I managed to finish most of my Christmas shopping yesterday, just got a couple small things left to get today and then wrapping. I'm gonna attempt to make cake balls either today or tomorrow for Christmas Eve with my family. I've never made them before but they look good! I've done nothing WR this week. I gotta find time next week to pick up my dress and hire a florist.
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  • Slowly but surely getting the invites addressed. 52 down, 27 to go? Happy this morning, I am still losing weight. Hopefully this last over the next three days! OHHH. Got my grades in... 4.0 this semester! Woot.
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  • Morning!  We are just enjoying our second day at fFIL's "cabin."  We went to our favorite coffee shop in he area yesterday, I confirmed the caterer, made some changes to our flower order, did some work remotely, and read a book.  

    I love it up here-but I swear, both FI and fFIL are such good cooks, I have been eating way too well, and way too much.  Plus, there is always wine with a dinner, and yesterday and the day before I had an afternoon margarita...ah!

    Time to buckle down.  I don't want to have to crash diet for January, February, and March lol.  Anyway, today I'm planning on doing more reading and writing.  Yay for vacations!  
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  • Morning-Afternoon!! We are actually in a busy mood today! I have to finish making all the Christmas presents, do laundry, walk dog, clean house (I'm a terrible house keeper), and go over our business plan today.  FI decided yesterday that he would encourage me to open an Etsy shop and do craft faires. I always say no to these types of things-big commitment, my family already expects me to make things for them, start up capitol etc. But FI, out of the blue, decided yesterday that I really should because my stuff is nice and people tell me I should sell my stuff all the time. I have a friend at ChicoState who is constantly getting asked about some of the things I have made for him. So, today is-get all of the projects I currently have going, done. Do the everyday house keeping stuff that I'm bad at, and sit down with FI and figure business stuff out.

    I may schedule a nap too.
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  • Hi Ladies- Just opened theknot.com page, I woke up with a sore throat and tight chest. Went to the Doctor and now I need to wait for the prescribed meds.  :(

    I'm scheduled to drive 5 hours down to Los Angeles tomorrow morning, so i'm hoping  the combination of meds + rest gets me better, the holidays are very busy for us visiting family etc but definitely looking forward to it since I dont get to see them very often.  Since I'm staying home I might as well finish closing my invites, they're all addressed but now I need to close, and I want to make sure that everyone on my list is accounted for.   Worst thing about being sick is not being able to work out before the holiday, guest I'll have to turn up a notch when I get back next week. 

    Have a happy holiday ladies!!
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