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Stop complaining/Christmas cards

1. Stop complaining so much about the new boards people! The 240395872340957 posts about how much it sucks/how lame it is/how slow it is are not making it any less lame. Just saying. Post more interesting stuff than "i hate the new knot" and it might be a little livelier.

2. I have never sent out real Christmas cards before. We sent some last year, but they were also our save the dates and they were just photo cards that we didn't actually write anything on.  How much do you write in yours? Like a whole letter of well wishes/updates or just sign your names? Also, I was going to send out "we've moved" cards with our new address and such, mainly because I fell in love with cute ones on etsy and decided to make some, but then realized I could save some postage and paper and time by sticking them into my Christmas cards. Is this too lazy or just efficient? :)
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Re: Stop complaining/Christmas cards

  • 1. I concur.

    2. Efficient.  I may have stuck two TY cards in with Xmas cards.  Don't tell.

    This is the second year we did Xmas cards.  I don't write that much in each one.  Some I put little jokes, some just Merry  Christmas and some just a nice message.  I've got huge handwriting though so I took up the whole card.
  • I usually write a couple of sentences. More if I actually have something to say, but I don't force it. I try to tailor each card to the recipient at least a little bit (ex. I hope you're all settled in the new house, enjoy your first Xmas with the new baby, etc.)

    Totally fine to include the "we've moved" cards in the Xmas cards. It's a good time to do it. I know that my Mom always updates her address book at Xmas time.
  • 1. But buttt it realllly sucks!! WHINE.
    yeah I hate all the posts too...

    2. I am thinking of doing cards with our dogs on them this year. Yeah, we are that couple. I usually write 2-3 sentences though. One for well wishes and another 2-3 about wanting to get together and plans we are looking forward to with them.
  • Heh.  I would've sent: "Merry Christmas!  We moved!" cards... all on one card.
  • I sent out Christmas cards a few year ago, then got lazy and lost touch with people. Maybe next year.

    I pretty much chose a card with a little holiday greeting inside and then signed my name.

    I addressed the envelopes informally: John, Mary, and Jack Jones.
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  • Putting the new address with the Christmas card is a great idea.  I usually send a lot of Christmas cards- I think last year I sent about 100, and I generally would write 1-2 sentences in each.  I'm doing wedding invites in February, so no mass holiday mailing this year; I don't have the energy (or the cash!)
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  • I want to do Christmas cards this year.  However, I have done nothing toward achieving that goal.

    I too hate the whiny posts.  And I miss the people who stopped posting.  (Anybody seen or heard from Vogt?)

    I think the "We've Moved!" cards are great in Christmas cards.  I know a lot of people who update their address books then, so it will be efficient for them too.
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  • 1. I concur.

    2. I have never sent them out before either. I will probably just do a quick blurb that is personal "wish we could see you over the holidays" "hope to see you" blablabla and leave it at that.
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  • This will be my 3rd year sending out Christmas cards, second with pics.  I usually write a couple of lines, like pp stated, more if I really have something to say.  I also include school photos of my son and some updates about him.  Family seem to like it.

    As far as the slow new Knot posts - CAN IT!  It ain't changin'.
  • Thanks! I was worried I was just being lazy about the address cards. But I even made them have red and green accents to match the Christmas cards, so there's that. I guess I should get a move on these, shouldn't I?
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