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Fade or prevent tan lines on darker skin?

I need help!  I'm Indian with a med/dark skin tone and I (dumbly) fell in love with a strapless gown and my wedding is in August.  I figured I woudl just stay out of the sun to prevent tan lines, but the weather just got nice and I'm already having some!  And I want to start running to get in shape, but I'm worried about getting darker!

A few questions:

1) are there any products that will lighten skin (gently) to fade tan lines?  my white skinned friends just spray tanned before their weddings, but I don't want to have to darken everythign to match if I can avoid it.

2) Any ways to prevent tan lines while running?  High SPF sunblock never really works for me (I guess I sweat it off).  My friend suggested a SPF t-shirt.  Do those work?

3) Worst case, I guess I can try to fill them in.  Any sunless tanning products that work on dark skin tones?  I've never used any before and I'm afraid of turning orange!


Re: Fade or prevent tan lines on darker skin?

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    Wear long sleeves??
    Use a ton of "industrial strength" ;) sunscreen??
    I've got nothing...
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    Just want to add that dark skin is absolutely beautiful. So if you get darker, it will be all the more gorgeous.  I wouldn't fret about it. Cool
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    I would look into a running path that has a lot of shade.  I run myself and there are parks around me with running trails lined with trees.  It's great when it's windy out too (which can also damage skin)  I've never used an SPF t-shirt but I have heard that they can still show sports bra lines as its worn underneath.
  • yoda718yoda718 member
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    I bought this great sunscreen, SPF 40, from La Roche Posay called Anthelios 40, that is the only product that has ever prevented me from tanning. I think its active ingredient (trademark Mexoryl™ SX) has only recently been approved by the FDA. it's more effective because this active ingredient filters all types of UVA rays. read about it in the NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/09/fashion/thursdaystyles/09skin.html?_r=1&scp=2&sq=la%20roche%20posay&st=cse

    can't make any promises. plus it's expensive, so I use it sparingly but it's good.
  • noodle_oonoodle_oo member
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    Thanks Yoda!  Where can you buy it?  Drugstores?
  • yoda718yoda718 member
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    well, I buy it in Europe since I travel there for work, but a couple years ago I've seen the brand sold in special fancy French product sections at CVS. or try online. and after a quick internet search I see that Lancome now sells  sunscreen in the US with the same active ingredient.

    I will still tan if I stay in direct sun for a while, it's just that this slows the process down considerably. Works for my skin, anyway. good luck.
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