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Evites for wedding invitations?

My fiacee and I are on a tight budget for our wedding! I am considering the cost to mail an inviation or use a site like punchbowl.com. I find the idea of punchbowl.com very appealing since it allows guest to RSVP instantly and keeps track.... I would think this would help minimize the stress of planning as well as cut costs. What are your thoughts?

Re: Evites for wedding invitations?

  • shortgrass03shortgrass03 member
    edited December 2011

    I had my wedding on a budget. If you have a Target in your area (Not sure what part of Idaho you're from), go register there. When we registered there a few months ago, we got a (I think) $20 Shutterfly card. I also got one for keeping my appointment with David's Bridal, but that was back in September. I got my 150 4x8 wedding invitations for about $40 after the David's Bridal card, I plan to use the Target one for our wedding picture prints. There are ways to do them inexpensively, you can also use a photo editing program (Picasa is free and it works) and create an invitation and just order them as 4x6 prints from somewhere like Walmart or Shutterfly. (You get 50 free 4x6 prints just for signing up with them)

    You can also use DIY invitation packets (or whatever they're called...lol) from Michaels or JoAnns.

    Welcome to wedding planning! Congrats! =)

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    First off, congratulations on your wedding!

    There are lots of places to cut costs, but I don't think e-vites is the way to do it.  Shortgrass has some great ideas.

    Also, you can make some really cute (and CHEAP) invites on vistaprint.com. 

    Good luck and happy planning!  :)
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