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How much beer and wine for the reception?

Ok ladies I need some of your help....we are having approximately an 80 person reception.  How much beer and wine should we buy?  Approximately 20 guests don't drink.  I've seen some calculators online, but don't know if they are accurate.  I just don't want to run out, because that would be embarrassing.  I appreciate any help you can provide!!

Re: How much beer and wine for the reception?

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    It depends on how big of drinkers you have, and what time of day.  I would google "beverage calculators for weddings" and play around with them to see.  They let you put in how many people, what type of drinkers, and what you are serving and they figure it out. HTH!!!!
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    Also, if you are purchasing it yourself, consider doing it through Total Wine.  I believe they let you return anything unopened.

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    I agree with Christina, there are drink calculators to help with this. BUT, I will tell you that generally they say to calculate 2 drinks per person for the first hour, and 1 drink per hour after that. I thought that sounded fine...but then I went to a wedding a few months ago, and I drank 5 drinks in the 4 hours...and I'm a very slow drinker. Soooo, I think that I'm going to get more than what this formula tells us that we should get. One thing to keep in mind is that kegs can save a lot of money, so we might just plan that the heavy drinkers might just get stuck drinking keg beer toward the end of the night, and that's okay!
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    Contact Kyle with Mobile Mixers. He is a great help with figuring this stuff out. If you are in need of a bartender also, he does a FANTASTIC job and has servers available also. www.MobileMixers.net

    I dont think he will charge just for asking. Good Luck!
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