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Gown Alteration/Pregnancy Issue

I bought my gown before we found out I'm pregnant. The gown is a size 2, and the wedding isn't long after my due date. I highly doubt I will be fitting into a 2.
So my questions is, how easy would it be to remove a zipper and put in lacing? My main concern is it fitting in the chest now. Before, it really wasn't something for me to worry about, but obviously, that's a different story now. And the dress being an A-Line, i'm not overly worried about the stomach area. Which brings me to another question, Will making the dress a lace up save me from having to buy a new one with my concerns?
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Re: Gown Alteration/Pregnancy Issue

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    I've seen a lot of girls post on other boards that putting a corset in the back can help save a dress that may be too small.  I would take the dress to whomever you plan on having do alterations and get their opinion.  If you love the dress it is worth a shot.
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  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    I know most bridal shops will not let you return a dress, however I have heard of places exchanging a dress.  Maybe you can enchange the dress for a larger size now so that you will be less likely to have an issue later?  Might be worth a phone call.  Good luck.

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    Any chance it's from David's Bridal?  They will let you do an even exchange of one gown for another.
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    Congrats on your pregnancy :)

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    Thank you all!

    I think I'm going to talk to my seamstress soon.
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