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July 2011 Weddings


Hey girlie!  Did you ever get your jewelry situation figured out?  I'm supposed to be getting mine in the mail any day now and I started thinking about you.

Also, how's the DW planning coming?
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Re: ***Sap***

  • Hey girlie!

    Thanks for asking and checking up :-)!!!!

    No I have put my jewelry purchase on hold until I figure out my wedding plans.
    Ahhhh how exciting! She rocks! I will definetly be checking her out.

    I have finally figure out my resort and date! I am going nuts these past weeks contacting my guests before we sign the group agreement for the rooms. We want to know how many people will be coming before we start signing and end up with a big bill..HA HA
    so it is a bit nuts.working on save the dates to go out. After I have already emailed everyone under the sun. ha ha

    I will be making a separate thread to let everyone know.

    Again thanks for asking chica


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