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Getting in Shape

Goal weight Maintance ( evaluate my plan please)

SO I lost 25 pounds and I have 8 months till my wedding.  I am 5'11 135. SO should i go one a plan  like WW for keeping it or what is some advice.  I am very happy with my weight and size do not want to lose  any more or gain anymore. I am just worried about those 5 pesky pounds on the gaining side.
Work out plan is yoga 3 days a week, swim 2 days a week and run 2-4 miles 3 x a week.
My diet is pretty strict due to Celiac( no gluten). High Protein and lots of vegis.... once in a while I will have feta cheese n a salad but thats as far as I go with Dairy besides a yogart.

Re: Goal weight Maintance ( evaluate my plan please)

  • You're pretty close to the low end of the healthy weight range for your height, so it might be tough to maintain that, but it'll be doable.

    I'd suggest just slowly adding more food in to the diet you were following to lose the weight.  If you start to gain, then scale back a bit.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I notice your plan is mostly cardio. Try to swapping a running or swimming day for weight lifting, or just add it in!
  • Took the words right out of my mouth FavoriteOne....Add some weights into your workouts :)  Weightlifting is our friend!
  • I weigh the same and I am only 5'0 lol

    You seem to be at a good weight.. and a lb or 2 gained wont matter much.

    just keep at what your doing
  • I agree with raynes, you are at the low end. A few years ago, I got down to 137 and I am 5'10". It was seriously ridiculous how strict my diet and exercise plan was to stay at that weight. I let myself slide a bit and decided that about 145 is perfect. Its not so difficult to maintain.. for me anyways.
    Now I'm just trying to get back down to that.

    Anyways, I agree with PPs, weightlifting is important for sure.
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