Who will marry us?

Ok so my biggest issue is figuring out who will marry us.  Thought my cousin was ordained, but turns out he isn't.  The FI and I are not church-goes, but we do consider ourselves religious/spiritual and getting married is so intimate I don't feel comfortable just having anyone do it.  Does anyone have any suggestion on where to start or particular people they are using/have used in the Detroit area?    We are ok with a male or female.  Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Who will marry us?

  • We are meeting with Kirk from Secular Ceremony and will probably use him. He does any level of religion/spiritualism/whatever you prefer. We also considered using The Wedding Connection.
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  • We are using Tab Martin of Wishing Well Weddings.
    At least 1/2 the price of any other company we looked at, and very friendly.
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  • Ditto the Kirk from Secular Ceremonies.  We booked him back in December and I absolutely love him.  Another knottie is getting married on our rehearsal day, so we pushed our rehearsal back so that she could use him too.  That's how much I like him.  He's also ultra reasonable, less than half of a lot of other ministers.

    I've heard that LaDonna is another good one to go with but she was double what Kirk charges.
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  • I love our officiate Rev. Phillip Rogers.  Will tailor the ceremony to your liking.  His message is different and if you use his vows they are different too.  Every time I read then I start to tear up!  You can google him or his website is www.godnrmarriages.com.  He is very reasonably priced, done a lot of weddings and is in the Detroit area.  
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    We used Rev. Steve Goodrum - his wife is also ordained. 
    We were hesitant at first but it turned out great and he was so nice and down to earth. And made the entire thing enjoyable. 
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  • Hi,
    Haven't posted in a while and I had to change my screenname when I moved from theknot to the pump! I was July32011!
    Anyway, my Uncle got ordined online at Universal Life Church. It is 100% legal and binding in Michigan.  So you can have your cousin become ordained, it takes only a few minutes!
    Good Luck!
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  • lol clearly i meant thebump! Sorry
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  • Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions!  I am in the process of contacting my first choice!
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