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S'more Station?

Does anyone know of a company in Michigan who provides S'more Stations for receptions?  I found the company A Moment Forever who does them, but they're already booked for my date :(  Looking for any other suggestions??

Re: S'more Station?

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    I have no ideas but can I be invited? I love s'mores and never heard of this! haha very cute -- best of luck [:
  • Meegles4Meegles4 member
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    I would ask your caterer/venue. Maybe they don't offer it standard, but it's something they could do.
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  • baileyleevbaileyleev member
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    they seem pretty easy to DIY with some sterno cans if you google smores bar. Not sure if most venues would go for it though. 

    I don't know anyone around here, but there is a caterer up north that does a smore station, Grandview Catering. (they are in TC, but may know someone around here that has a similar option, worth a try at least!)
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    I wanted to DIY this for my wedding but decided not to when I read some reviews of the sterno cans+food... they said it tasted awful and left a chemical taste in their mouth!

    Another option would be favors with the smore ingredients packaged up?
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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    I'd also recommend talking to your caterer. I'd think a chocolate fountain with some graham crackers and marshmallows would do the trick. Or, you could have an ice cream station with various toppings including softened marshmallow sauce, chocolate, broken graham crackers and other things. We had one for our wedding and everyone loved it. Our caterer brought Ray's Ice Cream, about 10 toppings and 3 sauces. I think it totalled about $50 for all of it.

    I can totally see how the sterno cans would affect the taste.
  • hippo22hippo22 member
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    You should also check with your reception site to make sure they will allow this.  My daughter's reception site wouldn't allow it.  Open flames and the utensil used to roast the marshmallows both caused fire hazzards.  Then they also stated that roasted sticky marshmallows and melted chocolate would be too hard to clean up.  And if you have them outside, I have heard keeping the sterno cans lit is a problem and the station would need to be attended by someone.  Just a few things to think about.  It is such a cute idea, but in reality maybe not a good idea.

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    All good points.  The company I was originally looking at provides attendants and all of that to monitor the use of the station.  Regardless, I'd just love to have something really unique at my wedding and am having a hard time coming up with the perfect idea!
  • mbutucelmbutucel member
    edited December 2011
    I was going to do the same thing but instead I decided on a S'more themed dessert table. I am enlisting some friends and family for this. I am going to have S'more cookies, S'more cups, and a take on a traditional S'more with mashmellow and grahams held together with dipping chocolate. I am also going to make a traditional S'more kit. Everything will set out with bags if they want to take it to go.
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