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"Show" me your cake flavors

My fiance' and I have already picked out our cake and flavors but I'm surprising him with a groom's cake (it's not in the budge and it's not customary in the part of the country we're getting married at, but he wanted one)- so I'm trying to think of flavors that I can do without doubling flavors. 

Our wedding cake is: 1. Strawberry and banana with orange cream filling 2. lemon poppyseed with lemon filling 3. chocolate with peanut butter and Reese's peanut butter cup filling 4. vanilla with fresh raspberry and raspberry filling. 

Other thoughts?  I need 3 different flavors for the grooms cake :)

Thanks ladies!

Re: "Show" me your cake flavors

  • we chose to do just one flavor for our cake--didn't want the guests fightingLaughing  we picked spice cake with a caramel filling--for the groom's cake I am doing an almond cake with vanilla buttercream filling

    I literally just asked him what his second favorite choice from our tasking was and went with that--I thought he would go chocolate, but he didn't--make my life easier.
  • How about carrot cake with a cream cheese filling. I've tasted some really great key lime flavored cake.
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  • Our groom's cake was layered chocolate cake with Frangelica praline buttercream, mocha, chocolate, and coffee filling.  It was insanely good. 

  • How about red velvet, spice, and chocolate-chocolate chip?

  • In Response to Re: "Show" me your cake flavors:
    How about red velvet, spice, and chocolate-chocolate chip?
    Posted by littleluckypenny
    I second this!
    Also worth thinking about... the more flavors you have the more people will take, so if you just do one flavor, you don't have to buy as much.
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  • We did white cake with fresh blackberries (mixed into the batter) and layered vanilla and chocolate cake with hazelnut filling. Cream cheese frosting on both.
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  • Thanks ladies (now I'm hungry!) lol  These ideas are GREAT! :)
  • grooms cake aka rice krispy treats
    vanilla cutting cake with vanilla almond buttercream
    coffee chocolate cupcakes with Baileys Irish cream frosting
    Banana cupcakes with maple brown butter frosting
    Graham cupcakes with key lime frosting
    vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting
    chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
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  • Chocolate,  lemon, carrot, red velvet,  and brownies.    The large cake will he white.

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