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BM picking help!!

No matter how much I hate on my sisters ways... 
Caus she refuses to be close with me... 
(she's really mean towards me N family members) 
I know I always wanted her by my-side...
At my wedding someday. 
But she's a meany
How should I ask her??

I have a friend from childhood,
 that i haven't hung out w/in forever.!.!.
Now we talk via FB. 
I wanna ask her to be a BM. 
Would that be too weird?
Since we haven't actually hung out in a while??

I wanna ask maybe 2 more girls!!
But I have not many frinds, maybe 1 sorta-friend...
(Hubby's has been my bestie/so I don't go out much w/any girls)
Who else is qualified as a BM??

Thanks Gals!!:o)

Re: BM picking help!!

  • Ask whoever you feel close to and genuinely want by your side - if that's only two people, or one person, or hell, no people, that's perfectly fine.  Don't ask people you aren't close with just for the sake of having a certain number of people by your side - that's silly and unnecessary.

    Also, I don't know if you did this on purpose or not, but your post is green and it's formatted like a poem - it's hard to read that way, you might want to try to fix it.
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