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Ugh this sucks, WWYD?

H got a new job. It's an account manager/sales rep type position. When he met with the owner, he was promised a certain amount of money as a base, and then he'd also get commission. The guy specifically told him, "You could come in here and do nothing and I can promise you at least $X." So commission would be on top of that base.

Well, he got his first paycheck today. Basically what it breaks down to is $10k a year less than what he was told he'd be getting. When he asked the owner (his boss) what was up with that, he said that with commission he'd be up to what he was originally promised. I don't think even with commission he'll be able to make up the $10k, and he was expecting that much more on top of a base.

This just sucks and I feel so bad for him, there weren't any contracts signed though, so is he just screwed? He wouldn't have walked away from his other job if he knew it meant such a big pay cut (without factoring in commission, we're talking 50% of what he was making). He was expecting to break even the first year and grow from there. He can't go back to his old job, and he really wants to work for this company, but at the pay he was promised. WWYD?

Re: Ugh this sucks, WWYD?

  • ErinG93ErinG93 member
    I'm sorry Nicole, that really does suck. Do you know why your H didn't sign anything?
  • Was there not a formal offer in writing of any sort (not signed)?
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  • In Response to Re: Ugh this sucks, WWYD?:
    I'm sorry Nicole, that really does suck. Do you know why your H didn't sign anything?
    Posted by ErinG93
    Because it's a small company and he knows the guy pretty well, he just took him at his word I guess. 
  • In Response to Re: Ugh this sucks, WWYD?:
    Was there not a formal offer in writing of any sort (not signed)?
    Posted by brandichamberlain
    No, there wasn't.
  • ErinG93ErinG93 member
    I guess it would depend on what this does to you guys financially. If you guys can take the hit financially, I might stay and see where the job goes. If this puts you two in a pickle, I would keep the current job and start looking elsewhere.
  • JCB, that's a definite silver lining, especially if this company has competitors in the area that OP's H could jump to after six months or a year.
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  • True, jcb. But he doesn't really have any experience in the industry, which was why this was such a great opportunity. And there aren't similar companies he could work for around here (a ridiculously small pathetic town). Oh and we bought a house last year, so we aren't really in a position to move.

    He could look for other work, but it's going to be manual labor-type stuff, nothing that has much of a long-term future. He will probably stick with it for a bit, we're basically just out $10k. I'm not sure if the guy was intentionally misleading or if it was just a misunderstanding between the two of them, but I'm still pissed about it.
  • If I were him, I'd have a chat with his boss again. See if he can work out a deal he can achieve the original salary amount over the course of the next year or so. Maybe agree to stay at this salary and review his progress quarterly to increase what his set salary is. Maybe the guy would be more flexible to work with the salary if your H shows that he wants to make the additional amount, but is willing to work hard to get there. 

    Sorry, the situation blows, but hopefully they can work something out. 
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  • True jcb, and I like that idea dmiller, thanks for the advice and for making me a little less stressed about this whole thing.
  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear you guys are going through this.  I am in sales, too, and have been for my entire career.  What I would do is request a meeting to sit down with this boss, and have him work out a 12 month plan that shows your DH 'exactly' what he needs to do in order to meet and exceed his income goals.  There was an income discussed and agreed upon by both parties before entering into this agreement, and if this employer doesn't want their good name soured by losing good reps right and left, they should stand by their agreement.  It's the right thing to do.  If he won't, or can't, I'd have your husband state very clearly that this is not the agreed upon arrangement and that he's extremely disappointed.  Then have him contact EVERYONE he knows in an effort to find a new gig, and fast.  If this is how the relationship is beginning, it does not bode well for future earnings, I'm sorry to say. 

    It's too bad that this was done on a 'handshake' as I'm definitely no pro at employment law, but I'm not certain your DH would have any recourse legally.  It might be worth a quick phone call to an attorney who knows your state and this industry. 

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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  • I found with my ex that any new sales rep job he went into there were promises right and left about how much he could make.  But then the sales never materialized.  Is he making a salary with commission or hourly with comission?  Maybe he can negotiate for a higher base pay, based on the hiring interview went.  But if the boss says no, then I'd be looking for another job. 
  • Technically, it's hourly with commission, but he doesn't clock in or anything, and when they leave early he still gets paid for a full day. So his paycheck shows hours worked, but it was just the number of days he worked x8. Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me why they'd do it like that instead of just having him be salaried. Hopefully he can talk to him about higher pay, even if it is after a trial period or something.
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