What to get my goddaughter for her baptism?

My best friend's daughter, who is almost 2, is getting baptised, and I have no idea what to get her. I guess I consider myself spiritual, but do not have really strong religious beliefs (both my friend and her husband are okay with this) so I'm not entirely comfortable getting her, say, a Bible or a picture of Jesus.

The only baptism gift I've gotten for someone was for my nephew, and I just got him a toy. I'd like to get this little girl something nicer, since I'm actually her godmother. I was kind of thinking about a children's book about different religions, since I like learning about different faiths. Is that dumb? Maybe some kind of necklace with her birthstone in it? My godparents got me a necklace with a cross pendant that had my birthstone in it.

Any other ideas? I don't really want to ask my friend directly, but should I just do that? Am I thinking too much about this? Please help! TIA!

Re: What to get my goddaughter for her baptism?

  • When I was baptized someone (I don't know who) got me an engraved baby bracelet bangle kind of thing.  I was lucky in that I always had skinny wrists and I could wear it until I was about 10 but I absolutely loved that thing.  I couldn't wait until I could give it to my own daughter.  Unfortunately it was stolen during a breakin when I was about 16 and I'm still sad about it today.

    It wasn't strictly religious, but on the inside it had my full name, my date of birth, and a saying something like "Together with Christ" and the date of my baptism.  It was pretty solid too so I couldn't break it as a little kid.  It was my dress up jewelry.

    I feel like kids get a lot more of the crosses and pendants for their communion/confirmation since their older and can wear that kind of thing.

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    Other options:  I love the bunnykins plate sets for childrens china.  At the age of 2 you could also maybe get her a real china children's tea set.  I had a really nice one when I was little and my mom still has all the pieces. 

    A wooden or silver keepsake box with her name engraved can be used for jewelry or other collectibles.

     My grandma actually started buying me a silverware pattern (by my name, April) when I was born and gave me a few pieces every special event.  This is a pretty intense undertaking though.  She completed it to 12 placesettings when I was 16.  It didn't get stolen (thank god).

    These are all kind of non-religious ideas but they are still nice things that she will come to appreciate when she is older.  I kind of dislike baptism gifts other than baby blankets and whatnot since many of them are pointless and just clutter up a kids room other than the basic stuff (bibles, a cross for the wall, etc.) 

    One last one: a piggy bank if she doesn't have one already.

  • Thanks so much for the ideas!
  • I asked my friend this too when she asked me to be the godmother, and pointed out that I don't consider myself any one religion, etc. She said that she's mainly just looking to me to be there for her daughter, to give her an adult that she can go to if she doesn't feel comfortable talking to family, and to be a good influence on her in general. These were things that I would have done anyway, and it's not like I'm against religion, so I agreed.
  • What about a piece of stock or a savings bond?  Those are non-religious options, but will last a long time.
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    There are many other kid friendly but occasion related books that you could purchase, such as "Letters to God" or other age appropriate books.

    When my Goddaughter was baptized, I started a charm bracelet for her.  Now, whenever a significant event occurs in her life, I add a charm to it.  Not all of the events are religious in nature.....making the softball team, making her Communion, getting a part in the school play.  Necklaces with birthstones are also a great idea.  Another tradition my son and daughter started with their Goddaughter was to give her a Christmas ornament every year.  Their first one recognized the baptism, and was given on the day of the Christening.
  • Thanks for the help, ladies! Much appreciated! Off to shop...
  • I bought my Godson a nice gold chain and a gold cross for his baptism.  He is 3 now, so I bought it when gold wasn't as expensive and and it was decently priced to buy that.  I did buy a bigger chain so he could grow into it, and I knew he would never wear it as a baby.  When he makes his first communion I will probably get him a Saint Anthony medal, since that is his name.  Birthdays and holidays though I always buy him toys and things he is into.  The Godfather has done savings bonds for everything, so I know he is set in that.  Sure, when he turns 18 he will probably like the Godfather more, but fow now I'm the favorite!  (just kidding).

    I also am not extremely religious.  I am Catholic, done all the rites, and was married in the Catholic church.  But I also don't go to church on a regular basis.  When I asked my aunt why she chose me, her reasoning was that I am a great role model for him, and have great values.  Also she said, there are so many people in church cheating on their spouses and committing other sins that going to church every week doesn't necessarily make you a better person. 
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     When I asked my aunt why she chose me, her reasoning was that I am a great role model for him, and have great values.  Also she said, there are so many people in church cheating on their spouses and committing other sins that going to church every week doesn't necessarily make you a better person. 
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    Amen! (hehe)

    I was only 14 when my godson was baptized, so I didn't realize I had to get him anything. When I got older and realized that I probably should have, I helped him start saving money to buy a car when he turns 16. He's up to over a thousand dollars so far and still has five years to go.

    I've always been a big believer on giving experiences rather than material gifts. Kids get tired of toys or lose jewelry, but they remember a cool trip or weekly outing more. That's the best gift.
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