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Makeup Artist Question

Ok.  So, I really want to hire a makeup artist that does airbrush makeup for my wedding, because I'm not a makeup person, and airbrush makeup appears to be sheer and not all cakey like my experiences with traditional makeup.  The problem is...airbrush makeup is expensive.  While I can afford to hire the airbrush makeup artist for myself, I cannot afford to hire makeup artists for my bridesmaids.  Will it be bad for me to hire an airbrush makeup artist to do my makeup but not hire a makeup artist for my bm?  Are you ladies paying to have your BMs makeup and hair done for the wedding?  TIA.

Re: Makeup Artist Question

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    I just booked hair and makeup for my bridal party. Now the guy that is doing my MU for day of, only does the bride. However, I was able to book one my BM stylist for hair and mu for my girls. Hair is 50 and mu is 25. I may end up paying for the MU but if I do it will be a surprise to my girls! I am paying 125 for myself for MU the day of, I think its okay to have your bm use a less expensive MUA for day of. Also they dont have to have airbrush as they will not be photographed as much as you. IMHO
  • mnm729mnm729 member
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    I am not really a makeup person either and I am terrified that my Fiance will not recognize me all made up. I was going to make the same recommendation as MIABRIDE.  It's not bad for you to be airbrushed and the bridesmaids not to.  It's your day, and I'm sure your BMs will understand that and not give it a second thought. 

    I am paying for my BM's makeup.  The primary reason is that most of them are not makeup people and I don't want them looking crazy!  I also think they'll enjoy getting glammed up! 

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  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    If you don't mind me asking, how much does it cost in your area to have a makeup artist do your bms makeup?
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    I think it is perfectly fine to ask your BM to pay for their own make-up
    I would put it as "I have this lady doing my make-up, if you want to use her, she charges $X amount per person. Should I book her for you?" or something like that.

    You don't have to pay for anything for you bridal party. It's always nice but i think most people know they have to pay for their dresses, shoes, take care of the hair and makeup (particularly if you are not forcing them into a particular style)

    I haven't decided on the make up yet so I don't know if I will pay for it or not...
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    Thanks Mypasmita.  I've been stressing out over this issue because I'm already slightly over budget.  I simply can't afford to pay for a makeup artist for my BM.  I was thinking that perhaps I could hire a traditional MUA for them, but I've been researching the prices in my area, and I simply can't afford it.  I was thinking about enlisting the help of a realitve that sells Mary Kay products to do their makeup as a wedding gift to me, but I'm not so sure that she does makeup.  Anyways, thanks ladies for all of your help.
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