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August 2010 Weddings

When are you sending invites??

My wedding is August 21, and I didnt think invites would go out soon, will they? I was thinking June 21, but then I notice a lot of brides have confirmed guests in their ticker area thingys (lol) , should I already have mine out?

I cant believe its close enough to send out invites!!! Yaaay!!!
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Re: When are you sending invites??

  • I sent mine out at the beginning of May b/c a lot of my guest list is OOT...that and I was just so darned excited to get them into the mail! ;) LOL
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  • my date is the August 7th and we just sent out our invites on Saturday =)
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  • jle625jle625 member
    My Weddings the 21st also and I wasnt planning on sending them until June 21st also. I sent STD's so I feel OOT guest will be fine.
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  • My wedding is August 15 and I'm sending them out tomorrow since I have a lot of out-of-town and out of country guests...
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  • August 14th wedding, invites going out on July 1st.  Our vendors don't need to know numbers until the day before.  We have OOT invites going out, but they already know about the wedding. 
    You are going to be more than okay if you send yours out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, which is considered standard.
  • Mines is the 21st also,we really havent picked invites yet but,I know they need to be out I was thinking the end of this month ,no later than the first week of June.We would need to give people time eo rsvp,right?

  • I had this same question about a week ago and was panicking because everyone seemed to be sending them out (even the september girls). But the August knotties assured me that I was ok. I am getting married August 28th. I sent out STDs in January. I am sending invites out June 28th. I have a lot of OOT guests but the STDs should have taken care of that.
  • SueR13SueR13 member
    We feel that we're fine having sent out STDs.

    Our date is the 13th, and we're planning to send out our invites the week of June 13th.
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  • I didnt send out STD's. Should I send out invites earlier?
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  • I think STDs a month an advance, to give yourself an idea.
  • We're also getting married on August 21st. I sent out STD in Feb. All of my OOT guest and close family and friends all know when the wedding is. So, I plan on sending my invites out sometime in the middle of June. They are all finished and sitting in a box waiting to be shipped. I feel a bit like a kid with $$$ burning a hole in my pocket! I think sending them out 8 weeks in advance is perfect timing. That way ppl don't leave it to the last min. to reply or simply put it off and forget about it!


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  • i didnt realize there's so many 8/21 brides! i'm one too. we're sending ours out probably the 6th of june. we didnt do save the dates though and half our guests are coming from about 2 hours away.
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  • rktorkto member
    I didnt do official STD but I spread the word over email, etc.  So the people we want to come know the date.
    we are August 28th, and I am just too excited to wait, so we are sending them (I hope) by mid june.  Our reply date is July 26th.  (again, I am anxious - so I want to know ASAP)
  • nmveranmvera member
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    My wedding is August 20th and my invites are going out mid June. If you sent Save the Dates then 2 months should be enough notice even for OOT guests.
  • I'm 8/22/10.  Mine are going out Mid June.
  • Were doing invites for the actual wedding guest and reception guest seperately.  Small family only ceremony.  The wedding invites are going out tomorrow.  The Reception only invites will go out in another week.
  • mine are out this week cos we have lots of out-towners and overseaers... also, we didn't send out STD since we just got engaged in earlier this year.
  • I'm August 2nd (yup, a Monday) and just sent them out yesterday. It seemed a little early, but given the Monday thing and that I didn't send STDs, I think 10 weeks was okay. Normally, 6-8 weeks is enough if you sent out STDs for the OOTs.
  • Hi! It's my first post!

    I'm getting married on Aug 21st and although here in Spain STDs simply don't exist, we did spread the word via email or telephone, and actually all of our guests coming from other countries have already booked their flights. We ordered our invites last week, should be printed and shipped mid-week and after all the assembling... I hope to have them out the second week of June. 
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  • August 21 bride - planning on sending mine about 2 months ahead. They are all pretty much done so whenever I get too antsy they'll just go in the mail!!
  • I'm August 7th and I am sending them out next weekend over Memorial day... We didn't send STD's but I donno someone told me three months... but I rarely follow directions hehe
  • I'm august 15th and planning to send invites in early june.
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  • August 7th sending them today!!! FI and I have a post office date to mail them off.
  • i'm the 8th and i'm sending them out next week sometime probably. i haven't even finished putting them together lol
  • 6-8 weeks before the wedding is the norm to send them out. If you need a final headcount/meal count for the caterer you will probably want to send them sooner.
    Our date is August 7th, RSVP date July 14th (to allow 3 weeks to track down people who dont RSVP.. I would allow a minimum of 2 weeks to do this) and we are mailing them next week, June 1st-ish.
  • August 7th...planning on sending them out the 2nd week in June

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  • We're getting married August 28 (just a few days after our 10th Anniversary). I am assembling invites with MOHs and JR BM June 19 and sending out June 28. RSVP date is August 6 although caterer doesn't need numbers until 1 week before. OOT guests have mostly already booked flights.
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  • In Response to Re: When are you sending invites??:
    I'm August 2nd (yup, a Monday) and just sent them out yesterday. Posted by colsta
    we're date twins! i get so excited since having a wedding on a Monday is fairly rare.

    6-8 weeks before is standard, i believe. if you're concerned because you didn't send STDs, then maybe you could send them 10 weeks out.

    i definitely sent mine a lot earlier, but that's because we're having a DW. i wanted guests to be able to book their hotel/flight while prices were still good.
  • fleurdelis -

    Traditionally - 4-6 weeks before the wedding,  where people are not travelling great distances  and already most know enough to have made travel plans, have Saves or other advance info.  (4 weeks - strictly local.)

    6-8 weeks - for very popular dates, holiday weekends, and if people do not have advance info to have made travel plans.

    10 weeks before - is just for those guests coming from outside the country with Visa issues,  or very long distance travel.

      So June 21 is still plenty of time, 8 weeks in advance.   You are fine,  as planned.

    Some people have destination weddings needing firm bookings, a reason to send them early.    Others just jump the gun  and send them at 3-4 months,  which is not at all usual or recommended.
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