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What will you miss?

We may have done a thread like this, but I don't remember what was said, and my friend's brand new engagement has me thinking about it...

What will you miss about wedding planning when it's all over??

(Disclaimer: I fully understand if you hate me for posting this right now- it's a bit early, and I myself am one of those who'd be annoyed to see an 'end times' post at this point- haha ; )
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Re: What will you miss?

  • I'll probably miss the feeling of anticipation of how everything will come together, and to being married, along with the excitement everytime I get another check mark.  (and of course freaking out about everything with you ladies! - though I suppose there is the nest to freak out on about new life chapters)
  • I will miss:

    - Playing with lots of different styles/options (I already miss this because everything's pretty much set.)

    - Having an excuse to spend hours on end looking at the most ridiculously cute/girly/pretty/fashionable/beautiful/silly things...

    - Having justification for buying a bunch of stuff (particularly off Etsy... oh, Etsy- how I will miss you!!)

    - Dreaming about my perfect day (though, hopefully I'll be able to daydream about all the perfect memories!)

    - And, I will miss YOU GIRLS most of all Cry
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  • hmm...i don't think i will miss anything that i don't already miss...

    i put this in your other post, but i miss the beginning when it was new & exciting and all the ideas were new and wondering if we could do something or incorporate them into the wedding...

    now, i just kinda feel like a factory finishing things so that we can get things done & ready for wedding...
  • Well, I already miss getting a whole bunch of wedding mail (namely, Etsy products) because I just don't find a need to order anything else from there right now, haha.  (much else, I should say, as I have recently made one more SunnyandCo order)

    Y'know, I have no idea.  I think I'll mainly miss the excitement of looking forward to it, like Christmas, except Christmas happens every year.
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  • oH!  and of course i will miss all my TK time...i mean, i feel like as soon as the HM is over...it's back to reality...
  • *wah* Now I'm getting so sad!! Haha- my own fault : P
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  • In Response to Re: What will you miss?:
    - I actually really like the hands on craft projects. I'll miss having an excuse to do those. - I'll miss the very easy distraction if I get bored with something else. - I'll miss looking forward to it and getting randomly excited in anticipation Yeah, that's about it... I want all my free time back :)
    Posted by udubbride
    I do want this... that is a very good point!
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  • I'm going to miss the board too.  I mean, we've been through a lot together, even if we don't  "know" each other.  Engagements, other weddings, deaths, graduating, babies, possible pregnancies, promotions...a lot has happened in the last year!
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  • I will miss having "visions" and then trying to put them all together. 

    I am with Colleen, I am definitely going to miss the excitement of all the planning--like dress shopping and accessories-invites, etc.
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  • The only thing I'll miss is the anticipation of something exciting (wearing my dress, celebrating with friends and family, the big bash, seeing FI at the church). 

    With the wedding being over though, I'll be so glad to not have to stress about anything. I'll be glad to have back my free time and all the extra cash that I won't be spending on wedding stuff! I'm a creative person so I have so many other things that have taken the back burner to wedding planning!
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  • In Response to Re: What will you miss?:
    oH!  and of course i will miss all my TK time...i mean, i feel like as soon as the HM is over...it's back to reality...
    Posted by cmalchow
    Yes! I am not looking forward to my return to reality after the wedding and HM.

    I will certainly miss my TK time and I will also look forward to the great countdown. I started planning with over 450 days and when you wait so long for something its crazy to think its over. I guess we will just have to start planning babies. :-)

    I will also miss wedding planning in general. I have enjoyed looking at idea online, playing with CP's, making invites, coordinating stuff. I hope my MOH will get engaged soon and we can start planning her big day! I do get to be a BM in a wedding in October so I look forward to the planning for that.
  • I will definitely miss this board! It has been one heck of a year and I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you ladies. Hopefully I will still catch up with some of you through FB every now and again.

    I think I will miss it all. I love planning events and getting all of the little details in order. I will miss the little projects that have been time consuming, but fun. 

    I will not miss the drama that people have been trying to bring into it though and really hope it all goes away the day of.
  • I'll miss you girls, that's it.  :)
  • I will miss like most of you have said the countdowns! I love counting down to events ha ha!

    I will miss like Katie said daydreaming about the perfect magical day

    I will miss looking at random wedding things online, like on Etsy, destinationweddings.com

    and to be honest I will miss working out on the regular LOL I hope I can continue working out though!

    I will miss you ALL!! it has made my wedding planning super duper exciting!!

  • I will definitely miss this board...often it is my sanity when I would otherwise have only child conversations for long periods of time.

    I will miss planning and replanning and designing all the creative ideas I have for weddings. I guess until my girls are grown and I will enjoy being involved with theirs....hopeful with such a fun spirit as CMGr!

    I agree with the Etsy purchases....I will have less reason to buy things, but hope to continue to find cool gifts from there....

    Bittersweet to think about....
  • sunicosunico
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    I will miss every single bit of it. I really think I should start thinking about switching career paths and becoming a wedding planner. I LOVE it.

    Even yesterday, through all the ridiculousness surrounding my venue, I was ok because it was like I got to plan a whole new wedding.

    Yep. I'll miss it all.

  • I'll miss the anticipation of the whole wedding, as well as this board. :(

    I'll also miss being able to use "I have wedding brain!" or "I'm so busy with planning a wedding!" as excuses. Is that terrible?

    Mostly, though, I'm just excited to be married to FI and start our life together!
  • mizjodimizjodi
    I'll miss this daily communication and feed back on ideas, drama, stress, etc!
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  • I am going to miss having something to throw myself into that I am really excited about and in love with. This wedding has gotten me through a really hard time in my life. The economy has not been kind to me, and without having a job that I really enjoy to put my focus on, wedding planning has been something to put effort in on.
    I'm also going to miss this board. It has become such a part of my routine to see what everyone is up to and to get opinions on all kinds of stuff. I like the honesty that most people wont give face to face.
  • In Response to Re: What will you miss?:
    I will miss every single bit of it. I really think I should start thinking about switching career paths and becoming a wedding planner. I LOVE it. Even yesterday, through all the ridiculousness surrounding my venue, I was ok because it was like I got to plan a whole new wedding. Yep. I'll miss it all.
    Posted by sunico
    Yes, and this.  I totally agree with this.
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  • I think I'll miss all the planning. I'm a planner. I love it. I love organizing get-togethers, even small ones. I also love the anticipation and building excitement when you're looking forward to something, like going on vacation. This excitement has helped me make it through the school year!

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  • An excuse to look at weddinggawker.com, but other than that I'm over wedding planning.
  • I will miss having something to look forward to. With the cancer scare and so many other things, it has been nice to have something fun, not scary, to look forward to.
  • Lisa50Lisa50
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    Not a thing.  It's been a really long engagement.  I'm completely ready to move on.  I'll miss you ladies, though.
  • i will miss it all (except for my fi's lack of cooperation to help) lol i think i may go into the wedding business :)
  • dco324dco324
    I miss the beginning stages when I had reason to spend hours upon hours looking through wedding magazines and at blogs and all the beautiful pictures online.  It didn't take long before I had come up with a vision for our day and lost interest in all of those other sources online.  

    I'll also really miss knowing that I can't be bored because there's to much to do-but I suppose I'll have lots of other new things going on.
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  • Honestly? Nothing. Other than the latest hiccup over the swimming pool/kids/high chair stuff, it's been pretty smooth sailing. But my FI is a huge grump over wedding planning and he's been difficult over it. I understand why - he really, really wanted a small wedding (like 10 people), and he's really freaked out about the 45 guests we're anticipating, but still. He's driven me bonkers. So I'm ready to just be married already!
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