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Bridal Shower

My shower is in a few weeks and im a little stressed.  With the economy the way it is lately -- i couldnt ask my friends to throw it for me. So i took the reigns and did it myself.

Im scared to death that im going to spend $$ on food and all this stuff and not very many ppl will show up... I guess that goes with the wedding as a whole. Does this scare you guys as much as its bothering me? (sorry a bit of a ramble today but i guess nreves are setting in...)

Also, The Knot says to send out your invitations 3 months early... ugh... i havent even gotten them printed yet... some ppl i talked to said i dint have to send them out til like Middle of Septmeber... (8-10 wks??) when did you send yours out?
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Re: Bridal Shower

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    Throwing a shower can be expensive.  I definitely didn't have a lot of cash to throw my cousin's shower last spring.  I saved by having people each bring a few dishes.  Not everyone brought food, but the people closest to my cousin (me, my mom, her mom, and my sisters) all brought a couple of things.  I could have never afforded to feed all of the people my cousin invited.  I basically had to buy plates, some drinks (we made a sherbet punch my cousin liked and had bottled water), and stuff for the two or three things I made.  I made cheap centerpieces by using vases I already had, I bought some flowers to put in them, then cut up some limes to put in the water (limes were my cousins wedding "theme" kind of).  We were also able to use a school's multipurpose room for free b/c the MOH worked there.  My little sister made cookies for the favors.

    So I guess what I am saying is you can do a shower for pretty cheap.

    As for the invites, I am getting married on 10/30 and I am not sending invites until 9/1.  I guess that depends on your friends and family.  In my circle getting a wedding invite 3 months out would seem strange.  Just make sure you send them in plenty of time to get RSVPs if you need a count for your venue or caterer. 

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  • MerinMerin member
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    There is NO REASON that your friends and family should be letting you throw your OWN shower!!!!   What the heck?? 

    Ask for help.  I mean it!!  Just mention to them that you're feeling overwhelmed and wondering if they may be able to pitch in a little bit.  Even if it's small things, they will help you immensely and I'm certain that they'll be glad to be able to help you.

    As for invitations, unless you're having your wedding on a holiday weekend or something, 8-10weeks is plenty early to send out your invitations - don't stress! :)

    Deep breaths - everything WILL work out!!!  :)
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    I agree with Merin.  I'm shocked they are letting you do it.  The least that they could do is each one of them bring a dish for it.  

    I'm so nervous that no one will come to any of it!

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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    My shower is in 3 weeks.  I have a feeling nobody will come due to the economy.  FI thinks his family will not come, even though they say they are.  I think if you're throwing your own shower, you should make it a potluck.  Bring a dish to share type thing. It's ridiculous that you're throwing a shower and a wedding.

    As for invitations, don't listen to theknot.  10 weeks for OOT guests (all though if they have to buy plane tickets, I would hope they got a save the date or some kind of prior notification) is plenty of time.  And 6-8 weeks for everyone else, unless you need a ridiculously early RSVP date.  I'm getting married Nov 27, and putting my invites in the mail Sept 25th (ish); RSVP date is Nov 5.

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    Another idea if you do a potluck shower.  Make it a recipe shower.  Everyone usually has a dish they are "known" for and always bring to parties.  Have everyone bring that special dish and the recipe to share with you (and all of the other guests if they wish).
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    I've always heard of 6-8 weeks out for invitations.  Don't stress the stuff the Knot checklist tells you.
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    I did 6-8 weeks.

    I helped with my shower, I felt bad putting on a lot of cost onto my friends and family. I think they appreciated that I recognized it, but I didn't have to pay for the whole thing.

    If it makes you feel better, none of my family came...only FIs. People my FMIL actually talked me into inviting came.
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    My wedding is October 2nd and I just got mine in the mail on Saturday.  The knot's timeline for invites is a little ridiculous I think.  6-8 weeks is plenty of time I think.
  • lcracraftlcracraft member
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    My wedding was July 24th.  I sent invitations on June 1st & had people rsvp by July 1st & it was plenty of time. As for your shower, I agree that there is no reason you should be throwing yourself a shower. With all the planning of the wedding, you do not need the added stress of a shower too!  Just don't invite too many people & keep it casual.  Let the shower be the gift so they don't have to worry about adding another expense.
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    I really really really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much.
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