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Are they going to leave hungry?

I'm concerned that what I'm serving at the reception is not going to be enough food.  Please tell me what y'all think....

Cocktail Hour:
Fried macaroni and cheese balls
BBQ pork in phylo cups
Bourbon pecan chicken

Roasted vegetables
Fried green tomatoes with goat cheese
Grits station with 3 types of grits and lots of toppings
Prime rib carving station
Rolls and biscuits

Wedding Cake
Grooms Cake
Krispy Creme Donuts

I'm afraid that they might leave hungry.  Would y'all be satisfied with this?  We don't have any vegetarians, so I'm not concered with that.  I just don't want them to leave feeling like they weren't properly fed.

Re: Are they going to leave hungry?

  • What do you think is lacking?  You are having prime rib, which is filling, and then several sides/appitizers, so I don't see a problem. 
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  • I think you are fine.  When I opened this I thought I would see crackers and cheese and a fruit tray!  Don't overthink it.  I am just like my mom was - I can't cook for a small crowd, I can't plan for a small crowd.  Well, I can, I just have a lot of leftovers because I'm afraid someone will leave hungry.
  • So for dinner you can have either veggies or beef?  I honestly would leave hungry because I don't think I can fill up on just roasted veggies. Talking for people that don't eat red meat (or grits). 

    That said, I wouldn't complain to you about it, I would hit a drive-thru on the way home though.

  • PeavyPeavy member
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    I think you have enough food, but I find the combination of prime rib and grits a bit odd.  Of course, I don't live in the south, maybe it's not odd where you are.  Personally, I would prefer to see a potato dish substituted for the grits.
  • Grits is very popular in the south.  It's served a lot as a side dish with Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  Maybe I'm just overthinking things!  :)
  • JaxInBlueJaxInBlue member
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    I'd add some veggies to cocktail hour.  I'm also not a big red meat eater so I'd be hungry during dinner (I'd basically be eating the fried green tomatoes and roasted veggies).  Could you offer protein source for the non-red meat eaters?  Or maybe move the bourbon pecan chicken (or the pork) from appetizers to dinner and add to your cocktail hour menu with some lighter, fruit and veggie options?

    This is just based on my personal tastes; a lot of what you have there sounds delicious!

  • In Response to Re: Are they going to leave hungry?:
    Grits is very popular in the south.  It's served a lot as a side dish with Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  Maybe I'm just overthinking things!  :)
    Posted by chad+mel22
    I'm from the south (North Carolina), and I actually don't know anyone who eats grits. Well, maybe one or two people.

  • Looks great to me.  Something close to what we were thinking for our wedding.  FI is from Mississippi and this is all of his favorite foods!  But we are getting married outside in august so it was a little to heavy of a choice.

    I am the same way though I have to have tons of food even at a small birthday party.
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  • I think it is fine. I live in Florida and have never eaten grits in my life. I am originally from NJ. I also think we are going to have a ton of leftovers. I don't want my guests to leave hungry either. Good Luck...
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  • i honestly think you're fine.. thats is a ton of food to be honest.  what is you guest list number? 
    I'm having 160-180 and i'm having meatballs with a various different sauces, 3 different kinds of quiche, chicken skewers, and artichoke dip. 

    ...you really should be fine, I'm having a hard tim understanding why you would think you need more food. 
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