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hair dye regrowth

does anyone know (estimate) how long it might take for a permenant hair dye to grow out of shoulder length hair? 
The dyed colour is burgandy/brown with red low lights, my natural colour is mid-dark brown with red undertones.


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Re: hair dye regrowth

  • Hair generally grows anywhere from 1/4 to 1 inch per month depending on who you are. Get regular hair trims to encourage healthy growth (even though hair grows at your roots, getting hair trims will encourage healthy hair behavior). My assumption is it will all be gone in a year, since you said shoulder length. Maybe a bit less.
  • Definitely just sit tight! I've had the hair-growing out issue with hair dye before and it's gone before you know it. You'll be happier if you just wait anyways, it'll be much healthier. Good luck!
  • Above is great advice.. and if you want, take some over-the-counter prenatels to speed up the hair growth process. 
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