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Hilltop Chalet

Contimplating using Hilltop Chalet as location for ceremondy and reception. We wanted a venue that would allow for an outdoor ceremony, and relocation inside if necessary ( weather pending). Has anyone seen weddings done there?I love the space and the huge windows, but pictures from previous weddings failed to impress.Ideas?

Re: Hilltop Chalet

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    Ive had a few friends get married there, I personally am not a big fan of the place. But it all depends on what kind of wedding youre having and how good your photographer is.
    Good friend of mine who got married there last had the best time. But once the wedding ceremony was done and over with.. it turned into a giant kegger party. Sooo it wasnt very "formal" lol. It was perfect for that. But if youre going towards a more formal elegant style.. i wouldnt do it there.
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    A friend of mine got married there last summer. Her photos looked beautiful, but she said the biggest problem was keeping random people out.

    Her wedding was on a beautiful Saturday in August and there were a zillion people out flying kites, hiking, and whatnot...

    The Hilltop Chalet is a very public place and depending on the weather it can be quite crowded there.

    My fiance proposed to me near there so we wanted the wedding there. however when we took the "random bystanders" into consideration, we decided to go with a more secluded location.
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