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Married in less than 2 months

Hey everyone,

So my fiance and i have been planning on getting married for a while now but honestly havent put much thought into it the whole process. He asked me this week if its possible to get married when he comes home for Thanksgiving weekend which is less than 2 months away! I dont even know the first thing that goes into what we are supposed to do to get set up for that. We dont want anything big because its a last minute set up and we only have a weekend to do it, any advice or ideas?

Re: Married in less than 2 months

  • Do you have a church that you attend? If not you could contact a chaplin at great lakes naval base.  Maybe in the museum there? or a church.  Outdoors in chicago would be hard if that is where your at now.
    Court house?   Your parents home?  VFW? Union Halls.   You could do wedding cake and punch in the church hall. 

  • $99.00 davids bridal or a thrift store dress. 
  • Yes i am in chicago and its freezing here so no outdoors. Dont think Chaplin will work because im not sure how far the base is from where i am, but i do like the idea of the church. After applying for a marriage license who would i need to contact to finalized the whole thing?

  • Get the marriage license, figure our your budget, find a venue, find someone to marry you... You can get it done, but you need to get to work! 

    FTR, I had a 9 month engagement, but really only worked on getting stuff in the last 3 months or so. At a casual pace. It can and has been done before. Also, I sure finding a venure will be a little easier for your since it's not a busy wedding month. Good luck!
  • First thing that pops out at me is Thanksgiving weekend. Is he only there Thursday through Sunday? or Monday? I'd go ahead and start getting info on things like when the clerk's office is open at the courthouse because if you can't get a marriage license (you'll both have to be there for that part) you can't get married anyway. If he is off Friday and the court is open, I'd totally do a really classy courthouse wedding. 

    Either with just you guys or with you guys and a small amount of family (do both of your families live in Chicago, or would you both be traveling to another place, if so, remember you have to get your marriage license where you get married most places). I'd get a really fantastic cocktail dress (white if you want it), hire a photographer if there's one available (I've seen some fabulous pictures of weddings done like this), and book some tables or a private room at a nice restaurant. Maybe get a pretty bouquet. If you're both religious, do a small yet elegant church ceremony. I think it'd be incredibly classy and easy to put together. 

    As far as who finalizes the whole thing: If you do it before a judge, they do. You both sign the marriage certificate with a couple of witnesses and your officiant. If you go with a religious celebrant (priest/pastor) they should be able to fill that stuff in (they both legally and religiously marry you at the same time). Here's the deal with that. You're going to want to get the certificate back from them and file it yourself. Normally, the officiant would mail it in and they you would get your certified copy of the marriage certificate several weeks later. What you'll want to do, and I know some other girls on here have done it, is to file your own certificate by taking it to the courthouse yourself as soon as you can. 
  • First, you need to make sure you an get a marriage license that week.  What day is he able to get home?  You'll need to call the court house and make sure they'll be open.  Our county buildings are closed that Thursday and Friday.  If yours is the same and he won't be home until Wednesday night, you won't be able to get your license.  


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