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Odd question - Old BF jewelry?

What do you do with it?

It seems somewhat pointless to leave it sitting in my jewelry box collecting dust, never to be worn again.

I have no attachment to the pieces any longer but the pieces are too expensive to just give out as gifts to friends/family. Not to mention how weird it would be to see something an ex gave to me sitting on my sister's neck.

Any suggestions ladies? Is this something you've ever thought about?
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Re: Odd question - Old BF jewelry?

  • You could pawn it or take it to a consignment shop.  I'm going to do a big clean out before I move in with FI.

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  • omg, I was just thinking of this same thing this weekend. I was thinking about stopping at a few places to see what they could offer me for it. 

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  • You can also try ebay or poshmark.

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  • If any of it is gold, sell it to people who buy gold- it's going for quite a bit. make sure to take any stones out though and save them because you can save that and make a new piece of jewelry or save it for a future kid!
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  • joheryljoheryl member
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    Would it be weird to give it to my future children?  That is something I have considered. 

    Also, I have a beautiful birthstone ring that I wouldn't wear again (from an ex)  and was thinking of gifting to my niece when she is older (she has her birthday in the same month as me).

    For now the stuff is gathering dust.

  • While giving the pieces to my nieces, or my future step-daughter would be a great solution. They're a bit too young for such expensive pieces and again, I come back to the how weird it would be to see it hanging around the neck of my 10 year old niece! So I either wait until they're much older and can handle caring for them/not losing the pices or sell.

    Honestly, I'm hoping to sell. Ideally I could find a place in town that would buy the jewlery that's not a pawn shop (the ones here are ... sketchy at best). Ebay was considered, but I've experienced some not so nice things in regards to seller vs. buyer protections from them recently (just because you don't accept returns/exchanges doesn't mean Ebay won't force you because the buyer said so, unfounded).

    Didn't know if any of you had gone through it already or had some brilliant ideas. I'll start looking up places that will buy here in my area and hope for the best!
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  • Yeah, I sold all the jewelry one ex bought me after a really bad break up years ago on Craigslist. Then used it to treat myself to a spa day. Best thing I think I ever did regarding getting over a break up.
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  • I still have some pieces from ex boyfriends but they are in the corner of my jewelry box and I haven't thought about them in a while until now! lol
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  • I sold everything to a local shop, nothing was worth very much though. Everything aside from jewelry I donated or trashed when FI and I moved in together. 
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  • Sell it and use it toward the wedding or honeymoon.
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  • There should be no sentimental value to it since it's from an ex who you are no longer with. I'd sell it. I brought all of my jewelry to a jewelry consignment shop. Planning a wedding can get costly, the extra cash might come in handy.
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