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Need a ceremony site!!!!!

Hello All,

I am having a very difficult time finding a church to get married at that doesn't force you to join the church and doesn't make you take weeks worth of couseling.  I am looking in the macomb county or eastern oakland county area.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I am not a deeply religious person so any denomination would work. thanks for the help!

Bride to be! 

WD 7-19-14

Re: Need a ceremony site!!!!!

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  • mlg78mlg78 member
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    If your wedding isn't until 2014 why aren't you willing to take a few sessions of meeting with them to be able to use their church?

  • If you're not religious, why would you marry in a church?  Seems kind of bizarre to me.  My husband and I don't go to church.  We got married on a beach.  
  • The UCC church we were married in didn't insist you join their congregation. You did have to have several meetings with the pastor however, which we were fine with since, you know, it's their church and there was meaning (mostly to my DH) behind it. If you have no desire to do anything religious (and just use a church as a venue) I agree with PPs, it's a little insulting since, you know, it's treating people's religious beliefs as a pretty place to get married.
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  • mc4dj13mc4dj13 member
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    It defeats the purpose of a religious ceremony to NOT be religious. People feel they have to uphold certain family member's standards and make sure they "impress" them. You expressed you don't want counseling and you don't want to join the congregation, so all signs point to a civil ceremony. I agree that it is insulting to those who are reverent in their faith when you just come up and want a quickie experience. And yea, you have 14 months ... You can find a lovely venue by then.
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