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So, yesterday my mom told me to screw it all and elope. At first I was like psh yeah right mom...now I'm like, hmm maybe not such a bad idea.

No real reason other than I want to go to a beach right now.

Texting FI.....(he'll probably tell me no...)

Re: Elope

  • There's a lot that you give up if you elope, so you have to really think about it hard and decide which you want. :)
  • There are many times I have thought about eloping but I know I would regret it.
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  • FI would love to elope, but I don't want to.  I know I'll regret it if I agreed to.  Make sure you really think about it before you change your plans. 

    My friend got so stressed with her wedding planning last year, she canceled everything and eloped.  She has no regrets.

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  • I text him and he said Vegas!

    We're going to talk about it tonight. I know we would be giving some stuff up but we can always do an AHR. 
  • would your parents come? his? i think i would regret it eventually if our parents/sibs weren't there, but it's your wedding and all u girl!
  • FI would love to elope! He's been telling me since before we even got engaged that we should just go to the courthouse and get married already! I, however, would certainly regret it if my family wasn't present on our wedding day.

    Do what you and FI feel is best!
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  • I would be concerned about hurting someone's feelings.  It sounds like you're rushing into it pretty fast as well and I wonder if the drama with FI sister has anything to do with it.  Make sure it's absolutely what you want to do.  If you've weighed all the options and still are game, go for it.  
  • It works for some people!! : ) Two of my friends eloped, then had a HUGE party afterwards?? It was a lot of fun, and it worked for them! 
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  • I really don't understand why you would want to elope but then do an AHR? Most people elope to escape from planning a huge party or simply don't want a huge party. It seems odd to want to elope but still have a reception.

    When an AHR is done most of the time it is because the couple had a DW with some people attending and have an AHR for those who can't afford to go.
  • I agree about not understanding why you would elope and then have an AHR. Don't most people usually elope because they don't want the stress of planning a big event?
  • FI would LOVE to elope. I have given it thought, but I would regret it so much if I agreed to it. Do what you and your FI feel is best!
  • I wish I wanted to elope!  I would save sooo much money.  But when I think about it, we already have a house so we don't have to worry about a down payment, and I just really really want to have the wedding I've been dreaming about forever.  I can't tell you how many weddings I've been to and now it's my turn!!!
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  • some people elope and have an AHR because they just don't want to wait to get married or do the whole dress thing or invite a ton of people to a ceremony, they'd rather just have a big party after an intimate and immediate ceremony. 

    Only you and Fi know what's best for y'all, but in line with Julbgordo and the previous issue you posted about the FSIL, make sure it's for the right reasons, and like other PP, that you wouldn't regret it later.
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  • Chad would love to elope, but I would regret it. I want family there.
    Chad and Fawn

    ~~~IT'S A BOY~~~Due April 30th!

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    I ran across this post looking for "elopement discussion" I'm eloping, it's been the plan from the day I said yes.  My situation is a bit different, I'm not a 1st time bride, we have 4 older teens between us,  my mom & his sister (his parents have passed) are behind our decision 100%.

    I'm throwing my 2 cents in, for what it's worth.  Eloping isn't any less stressful than a church/chapel wedding. There is still a lot of planning involved depending on what you want out of an elopement.   I still wanted the dress, flowers & pictures on the beach.  Now that I want pro pics I need hair & makeup (another appt to set up).  Of course we're getting married out of state, so there are round trip plane tickets, a hotel room and trying to communicate via phone & email.   And we're throwing an open house a couple weeks after our return.  Oh and that...I'm not having it at my house so there is a venue to secure, food...blah blah blah.   

    This is just the way I'm doing it.  There are no rules to follow really.  If your looking for a private ceremony with no guests, elope.  If you want any "away" wedding - do destination but regardless - it's going to cost whatever the choice.   As of right this moment we've spent $3200 - for an elopement. LOL! 
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    My parents eloped 25 years ago so growing up I didn't think about the big wedding just eloping with the love of my life. For some it is the right options but for others it is not.
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