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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal


Our wedding was this past weekend.
H and I had an amazing time, as did our guests. The feedback we've been getting is that it was one of the best weddings some of our guests have attended. There was so much love and emotion in the air that everyone could feel it.

I, like the crier I am, was crying when H said his vows and then of course I had to make it through my own vows. I had to pause a couple times to catch my breath. But I also glanced around the room and noticed a lot of misty eyes looking back at me. Including H.

Our food was amazing as well. It was healthy, but tasty. And the dessert was amazing - we had an apple pastry which the hotel claims is their signature dessert. So when I did my planning and saw that on the catering menu, I chose that. We had rave reviews from everybody that it was the best part. The BBQ chicken with rice and a medley of vegetables was delicious, as well as the Mediterranean salad, but the dessert was the best part. Also some people seemed pleasantly surprised we went with the plated and served dinner, so that was interesting.

Now that we're back home, I'm going through withdrawals. H and I decided to not take a honeymoon at this point, for many reasons, but mostly because H is out of vacation time at his work, and is in a special project where he can't book time off anyway. He moved to this project a few months after booking the wedding off, so was still guaranteed that time off, but can't book anything else now. So we're going to wait until the new year to do something - probably next Spring. This not only gives us time to save up and of course it gives us vacation time to work with.
But I'm realizing now why some people take their honeymoons right away. lol. For the few days leading up to the wedding, I was surrounded by people - friends and family as well as complete strangers coming up to me to congratulate me or just talk wedding stuff with me (H was back home while I was in my hometown leading up to the wedding). Then the wedding was of course filled with many people surrounding us, which was a blast.

Yesterday we did breakfast with our families and opened our gifts. Then visited a family friend of H's. Today we had to run errands and then go to a friend's BBQ. So I'm exhausted. I don't think anyone would blame me for wanting to spend some quiet time alone with H tomorrow? I feel that we've been surrounded by so many people this past week that we just need to sit back and relax with each other.

What did you do post wedding?
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Re: Recap

  • Congratulations on your wedding!

    We got married May 25th. Sunday we hung out with family and then we had Memorial Day to hang out with each other. I definitely recommend taking some time (even if it's just watching a movie) and hanging out with your new husband.

    I'm sure glad we had a day together before going back to work because my dad went into the hospital for a week 5 days after the wedding and I hardly saw H that whole time.

    If you're regretting not doing a honeymoon right away, can you two steal away for a weekend or even just a Saturday night stay in a neighboring town? It could be just what you need.

  • Congratulations!!

    We also got married on a Saturday, a week before you actually! We also decided to save the honeymoon for next year, same issue; neither of us can afford to take the time off/have any vacation days left, and we'll have more time to save for it. My grandpa got us 2 nights at the hotel where our reception was though, so we got a little mini moon which was nice.

    I definitely can understand why people take their honeymoon right after though, and I wish we had as well. The 5 days leading up to the wedding were crazy with DH's family coming into town, most of whom were staying at our house. DH has a really big family and some of them we rarely get to see, so we wanted to spend a lot of time with them. The day after the wedding we did our gift opening with just family at our house, and then did dinner out and a beach fire that night. The next day we took for ourselves. We definitely needed some more downtime though!!
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  • Congratulations!!

    We got married on a Friday and went on our honeymoon the following Monday so pretty soon. On the weekend, we spent it with family that came from out of town as well as in our hotel that we had for 2 days. It was nice. Many people do staycations where if they cannot afford or postpone their honeymoon, they take the weekend or week and go out of town.
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