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Nevada-Las Vegas

Help required please.

Hi all

Me and my partner are in Vegas the end of July and have decided we are going to get married whilst there! We are there with 2 friends so its not going to be a big affair which we don't want anyways. We have been looking at some options as not too sure what we would like, I've had some information and ideas back from the chapel of flowers, chapel in the clouds and Las Vegas wedding coordinators www.lasvegasweddingcoordinators.com with a package at the valley of fire. The package sounds great for the price but I can't find any reviews on this company anywhere. Has anyone heard anything about them, been to a wedding by them etc who could give me some idea if they would be a good choice.

We are also going to get dress and rings out in LV when we arrive, is David's Bridal well stocked, I've found 2 dreases on their website which I love'. It says they are available in store and online but not in which stores.
Looking at Ben Bridge Jewelers for the rings too.

Thanks in advance

Re: Help required please.

  • I got my dress at DB las Vegas, they were well stocked and actually really great. They had a variety of sizes. My dress is a bit dirty but honestly nothing you'd notice unless you were really looking.

    Good luck!!

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  • I don't have experience with the company, but I went to a wedding at Valley of Fire and it was really pretty!  It is a bit of a drive from the strip, but totally worth it if you want something scenic.  

    Good luck and congratulations!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Thank you for your replies, that's great news about DB bridal as I was worried they may not be stocked well and may have to wait for a dres, I want to be in and out!
    The valley of fire weddings do look amazing just concerned about the company with not finding any reviews, however when I goggle Las Vegas wedding coordinators lots of other coordinators come up so this may be the reason, not a very stand out name for a company! Very annoying!! Hopefully somebody out there will have heard of them at least :) ??
  • I made an appointment with DB so that might help you. Have an idea of the dresses you want and send them when you book then you'll have the ones you want, in your size and you can just take it with you when you leave!
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  • Good idea thank you! I actually messages them the other day to make an appointment via their online form but I haven't heard back! Did you mail or phone to Mke your appointment? I'm in the UK so calling is kinda hard, just wondering if they are quick at replying. Again thank you
  • If it's just you two and two friends, do you need a coordinator?

    Try Rev Roland at http://www.themobileminister.com/Locations.html  He can probably help you set up a Valley of Fire ceremony and be your officiant.

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  • I emailed mine and I'm in Canada. I think I heard back within a day or so.  They also called me a day or two before to confirm I'd be there.  I was booked right at their open which was I believe 11 AM but I can tell you there wasn't any one else there even after an hour we were only joined by a group of girls looking for Prom dresses. If you go early enough in the day you might be golden. 
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  • Excellent!! Thanks for the tip! I've messaged them today with the dresses I like!
    The mobile minister doesn't appear to do valley of fire, messaged him to! Thanks for the help!!
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