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New Mexico

Osuna nursery for wedding flowers?

I've been looking around Albuquerque for a florist for an October wedding, and was wondering if anyone has used Osuna nursery for their wedding flowers. If so, how was your experience?  How did the flowers turn out?

Re: Osuna nursery for wedding flowers?

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    A girl in my office (and fellow knottie) used them and I saw her wedding pictures and her bouquet was gorgeous! I had no idea they even did floral arrangements.
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    Thanks!  I think it's something new for Osuna that they started this year, which is why it's been hard to find references for them!  
  • Awful, just awful. We booked with them in early June with Michael, who was very helpful. Gave the deposit and thought we were good to go. Got a call last week asking us to come in to finalize details. When we got there the (very self impressed) "head designer", Jason, proceeded to tell us he couldn't use the teal and coral colors we had chosen without it looking "cheap". For $225 for the bridal bouquet alone you'd think there would be no way it would look "cheap". Then he asked to see a pic of the wedding dress and he said, and I quote, "that's cute. she's cute. but we will need to do something with the flowers to make her look elegant". Slap. Right in the face of my beautiful little bride to be! So now her color choice AND her dress were beneath him. He made a point to brag about his award winning designing in San Francisco (so you'd think Albuquerque would be a no-brainer for him). And he made a big deal out of spending an hour consulting with us at no charge (which, by the way, oh guru of flowers, your website states your consultations are free). THEN...he proceeded to tell us that he couldn't even do the flowers for the tables at what we were quoted! And we had signed the contract and put money down on the package! So I asked him how much more per table and he said at least $35 each and that they "wouldn't even look good". Yes. Not making this up. Not looking good isn't what we were shooting for. He jumped at the chance to give me my money back. Back to square one. So glad to have found out ahead of time who we were dealing with. Don't bother wasting your time with wedding flowers from Osuna Nursery. Total waste of time. Insulted to say the least. I honestly looked around for hidden cameras, it was THAT bad.
  • Hi samfigs,
    We are deeply sorry to hear about your negative experience at Osuna Nursery’s Floral Studio. We apologize for the miscommunication of floral staff and we seek to improve that in the future. We hope the best for your daughter’s wedding.
    Osuna Floral Studio
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