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Pictures before or after??

Hey ladies!  So I met with my photographer about a week ago and she presented me with a conundrum!  We're getting married at 4:00, so if we wait until after the ceremony to take picture outside it'll be dark/duskish.  So do we see each other before the wedding and take pictures outside, or keep with the traditional and not see each other?  And just take pictures inside?  I'm leaning towards seeing each other before and taking pictures after-I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are!  =)
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Re: Pictures before or after??

  • eday4eday4
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    **I meant seeing each other before and taking pictures before.  Sorry, I'm watching Bridzillas and am slightly distracted! lol
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  • We are probably going to do our solo-pictures before the ceremony, even though our ceremony is at 11:30 in the morning.  This will also give us more time to hang out with our guests after the ceremony and before the reception.
  • We're doing ours ahead of time, our ceremony is 5:30 so we really have no other choice.  But my photographer had a great suggestion ... maybe you can use it too!  She is going to do the boys, then do us girls' ... then we're not telling my FI, but we're going to sneak attack him (in a nice way) and take pictures of him seeing me for the first time.  She said that way - you still capture that "first look" of when he sees you :)  
    I LOVE this idea... 
    She said she does it with lots of brides & it also makes them feel more at ease coming down the isle too - b'c you have gotten rid of some of those nerves. 
  • We are doing a first look! I am so excited about it. Some members of my family arent crazy about the idea. However i feel seeing each other before the wedding will help ease the jitters :)
  • We're doing the first look and taking the wedding party photos before hand. My church has a strict schedule that day as well, making it impossible to take pictures after the ceremony.
    First looks are so worth it! My friend did it and said it made her feel so much better about walking down the aisle. 
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