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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Some photography questions

Hi all!

First time poster, but I've been benefiting from checking out this board for a few months now!  I am getting married in June 2014 in the Upper Cape.  I am super overwhelmed with the plethora of photographers mentioned/recommended on this site and others.  Here's a few questions - how far in advance did you book your photographer? Do you think it's important that your photographer has shot at your venue before? Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't know quite how to describe my style, but I am drawn to more artistic, vintage, sun-kissed kind of photographs, if that makes sense. A lot of the photographers that I like online are in the mid 3K to low 4K range, but I'm trying to stick to a 3K maximum.

Love to hear your thoughts!

Re: Some photography questions

  • Hi!  I'm from Philadelphia getting married in Cape Cod too :)  I just booked my venue 2 weeks ago for Sept 2014 so I'm in the photography research stage at this time. 
    I was SUPER overwhelmed when I did a search for photographers for Boston and Cape Cod as well!  I would first suggest you figure out exactly what you want (in terms of a package) so you can compare photographer prices.  
    For me I want 2 shooters (highly recommended esp. if you have a larger wedding), "all day" or 10 hour coverage bc I want first look pictures along with pictures of us getting ready, an engagement shoot, rights to my pictures (so I can print the photos I want) and an album.  Pick out what is important to you.
    I honestly made a spreadsheet with almost every photographer on theknot/weddingwire in Boston or Cape Cod and at least looked at all of their websites.  Some of them I knocked off immediately because I didn't like their photos.  Some of them did have prices listed and were out of my price range.  For ones that I was interested in, I told them exactly what I was looking for and got a quote.  It definitely was annoying and took a little bit of time but I feel like I'll have an informed decision once I decide.
    I think it's more important that you have a photographer that is the style you like more than has shot at your venue before.  I reached out to a few photographers who have shot at my venue and most of them were out of my price range.  I don't think it's that big of a deal but that's just me.  I am planning on meeting / skyping / interviewing anyone I'm seriously considering to make sure our personalities work well together.
    I'm not sure how much Zac Wolf is but that kind of reminds me of the style you mention.
    Once Like a Spark may be a good option - their packages start around 2,400 and include 2 shooters and all day coverage and rights to your photos.  They also have "whimsy" packages with fun etsy props / vintage stuff.
    Yaritza Colon reminds me of what you described as well.  I haven't spoken with any of those photographers or know what they are about but figured I would throw those name out there from my research.
    All sorts of vendors I've spoken with have told me 2014 is a crazy year and everything is booking early.  So I would recommend nailing a photographer down sooner rather than later.
    How is the rest of your planning going?  Hope some of that was helpful! :)
  • Hey ! So, we are getting married in June in the mid-cape area. We found our photographer on Craigslist, of all places, but oh my god am I happy we did! We've already done an engagement shoot with him, and he is FANTASTIC. Also, not sure what his rates are for next year, but we are paying less than the 3k budget you mention.

    The images he shoots are digital files only, but that's what we wanted! We use photo services to print our photos anyways, and this way we can choose exactly which photos we want. Our church is being crazy about some photo stuff, and Paul has been such a champ through all of it, and is willing to work with us and improvise. I will update again after the wedding, but he has been awesome to work with so far!

  • I'm going to send you a PM about my photog, who I don't recommend. Anyone who would like to know more can send me a PM as well.
  • I can't help but RAVE about my photographer. She is wonderful!! BEST personality ever!!!

    She has packages on her website, but they were slightly less when we met with her. There were also things we wanted to take out and put in and she was super flexible with renovating her packages to meet our needs!

    She's out of Attelboro, MA and I highly, highly recommed her!!!

    My picky fiance...the night after we met her for coffee, said "well, we're her clients for life"!! She's that awesome!!! :)

  • I just booked Ampersand Wedding Photography and am realllllly excited about them. They are from Vermont, but are looking to expand their business so they are offering a crazy great deal (well within your range) to book destination weddings. I was looking for the same style as you and loved their work. 

    Good luck! :)

  • Ali, I am going to PM you, out of curiosity!
  • My photographer was THE BEST & loves to travel! Very affordable also!
  • Thanks so much for your thoughtful and helpful posts!!!
  • I booked my photographer a year out.  His name is Paul Blackmore and he did a great job.  I don't think it's necessary that the photographer has shot at your venue before.  Paul hadn't been to mine as it was off cape.  He's from the cape.  We paid $2400 for 6 hours of photography.  We had all the rights to our photos and got them on a disk.  
  • You should book your photographer as soon as you can. Photographers (especially the good ones!) book up very quickly! 

    If you're looking to stay around 3K, I HIGHLY recommend my photographer. Amber Shomo with Forevercandid photography. She was my favorite vendor I used, and I absolutely LOVE my wedding pictures. She's the sweetest person ever, and she always uses a second shooter with all her packages. www.forevercandid.com
  • I booked my photographer after booking my venue.  So they were booked about 18 mo in advance.  To me the photographers were one of the most important thing since they pictures will be there forever.

    I highly recommend portrait new england.  Billa nd Naome are great.  They are a husband/wife team and have cpature with the photojournalism style and artistic style..they create a package based on yourwants and with that customize the price for it. You wont regret talking to them!!!

    Good luck

  • Look into DD Pro Imaging. I chose them because they did my maternity pics and baby pics. Yes I had a baby before my wedding. They made me feel comfortable even at 8 months prego. I am paying under $3000 and getting a photo album with it. Hope this helps.
  • My friend used 21summit Studios (http://21summitstudios.com/) and they definitely have packages within your budget range. Her pictures came out absolutely stunning and I think they have a more artistic eye than some of the photographers I've seen. As for when to book it - ASAP! I think it's already towards the late side for booking a photog for a June wedding so maybe you already have one and this post comes too late :P
  • I am getting married at the Flying Bridge in August and recently booked Once Like a Spark (http://oncelikeaspark.com/). They're photos online are AMAZING and the customer service so far has been out of this world. I've been working with Ashley (she is the owner). They're packages start at $2400 (for 8 hours, unlimited photos, and a CD of all of your pics) but if you pay in full they take 10% off.  Plus they have a bunch of a la cart items that are a good option. 

    It definitely looks like that vintage-y, sunkissed feel. 

    Good luck!!
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