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brides with tattoos!

hi everyone!

just wondering how many of you have tattoos and what you're planning on doing about them for your wedding… incorporate? cover up? 

did you pick a dress that flaunts or hides your ink? did your ink have anything to do with your decision?

let's see pics!

i originally searched for a dress to hide my ink (large dark arm piece and an upper back piece) but fell in love with one that showed both… so as a personal preference i'm hiring a makeup artist to cover them.

Re: brides with tattoos!

  • in this pic you can see the arm piece
  • you look great!! 
    Are you covering them more for your parents/ grandparents or just for you? 
    I have a small black one on my right forearm and my left is a quarter sleeve fully from shoulder to elbow. It's all really bright, it's got pink and purple flowers and aqua water and some other stuff. It's definitely part of who I am and it's a gorgeous piece of art that I'm proud to show off whenever I can so mine will be on full display. My parents even think it's gorgeous so they don't mind. I do think it's a little "distracting" but oh well it's part of me :) 
  • I only have four.  One is the left side of my torso (which will obviously be hidden by my dress), one is on my foot (which will probably be covered by my dress the entire time), one is on my shoulder (most likely not covering it up) and one is on my left forearm (definitely not covering).  The one on my left forearm is for my grandparents, a quote from a song that my brother sings in memory of my Poppop, with my grandparents' anniversary date under it.  I would never dream of covering it up for anything but a serious job interview.  Plus, Mommom would be incredibly upset if she saw it were covered.  I mean, everyone in my family has seen them all and loves them so I'd see no reason to cover mine.  That's just me though!

  • I have five. My gown is strapless with a low back, so the two on my back will be quite visible. (I'm not wearing a veil, and my hair will likely be up somehow.) The others are on my ribs, feet, and wrist and likely won't be seen. But I like that they'll be showing! 
  • Your dress is beautiful ! 

    I must admit, while I love looking at tattoos and see them as art, I think most traditional wedding dresses look better when we don't see huge tattoos. That's just personal taste of course, but I would expect : either a traditional dress with discreet  (or covered) tattoos, either a funky/wow factor dress with body art to ''accessorize'' it. Either way, it's part of you (just like my piercings are part of me), and you have to feel confident about your ink. Any decision you'll take will be the right one, as long as you do it for yourself and not to please everyone but you. :)

  • I ended up with a dress that really showed off my back tattoo, but that was a coincidence. I also have a tattoo on my forearm that was visible. I just bought a dress I liked and didn't consider my tattoos at all.

  • emmyg65 said:
    I ended up with a dress that really showed off my back tattoo, but that was a coincidence. I also have a tattoo on my forearm that was visible. I just bought a dress I liked and didn't consider my tattoos at all.

    This.  I actually never really think about my tattoos.  Except for serious job interviews.  Even then, I usually forget about them and I'll push my sleeves up, revealing the forearm one, or I'll have shoes that show the one on my foot.

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I don't understand the reasoning behind covering them up unless you do it for church. If you have tattoos, you obviously like tattoos, so why hide them? 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • I chose my dress because I liked the style. I have a tattoo on my foot and it was my FMIL that suggested the tattoo be my something blue :) not sure if you can see the tat on my foot well in the pic. my second tat is on my back so not visible.

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  • leideigh said:

    in this pic you can see the arm piece

    Your dress is beautiful :)

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  • thanks everyone!

    i'm glad to hear that others are like me :) yes i love my ink obviously or i wouldn't have it (i have 7 pieces total) and generally don't worry about covering it up, unless for a job interview like @hoppersgirl25 said…. 

    also love the dress pics ladies! @emmyg65 your dress is rad and i love the flowers!

    like i said i'm covering them for personal reasons. one being dad and old people, mostly just for me though, i don't want attention in the wrong way if you know what i mean. i tried a couple dresses that had sleeves and i looked more Little House on the Prarie than kate middleton! plus i was sweating! here's one i tried….. 

    but yes i ended up buying a dress for the dress and not for my tatts or anyone's opinion other than mine!
  • whoops here's the Little House on the Prarie dress lol…. complete with my boob popping out.
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    MY SIL did some of the coverup makeup and a lace jacket that matched her dress for the ceremony - washed off the makeup and got rid of the jacket during the reception.

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I only have one tattoo that would be visible with my dress. I plan on covering it up, but it's because it's kind of inappropriate for a wedding. 
  • I have 4 only 2 could be considered visible as one is on my foot and one behind my ear. I had them done in places I could cover them if needed. I'll be in cowboy boots so the foot will be covered unsure of the one behind my ear as I have a photo idea in mind since we got them together only difference is the color ( mine is pink and black nautical star and his is blue and black on his arm)
  • I have seven and some of them won't be covered and some will. I didn't think about my tattoos at all when I picked my dress. I won't be covering them or anything.
  • I have tattoos, and my dressed showed one of my big ones on my back.  It seems, at least to me, very silly to cover them up with makeup. If you have to cover them with clothing for church reasons or something, ok, fine.  But, I don't want to look back on my wedding photos in 3, 5, 10 years and think... "wait, where's my tattoo?"   It's part of who you are.  I don't think a wedding should change who you are.
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I have 4 tattoos. Only one will be visible in my dress. I'd never dream of covering it up. It's on my body for a reason. 

  • I have one large tattoo that covers my entire upper back. I won't be covering it up at all; in fact my dress will show it off pretty nicely as it has a low V-back.

    Anyone doesn't like it...tough cookies.
  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently member
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    I have several tattoos. The one between my shoulder blades will be visible with my dress.  I hadn't really planned on covering it up.  I'm still a ways away from the wedding, but I'm 99% sure that I will not be covering it with makeup.  My hair will be up, but I will be wearing a veil during the ceremony.
  • I have 9 tattoos and am really excited that they will almost all be visible, except for the one on my thigh. I chose my shoes partially because I loved how they looked with my leg piece. I say go with what feels right, I could never cover mine, but if you want to cover yours go ahead!
  • just be sure the makeup artist does it with some seriously waterproof stuff.  I was at a wedding once where the bride had a large piece covered...and once she started dancing (getting hot) it started to run and got all over her dress
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  • I have a Hello Kitty tattoo on my leg and am going to meet with someone to discuss getting a tattoo on my inner arm. I'll be wearing a long dress so my HK will be hidden, but my other will be in full view.

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  • I might cover mine up. The only one visible in any dress will be my dragon on my shoulder. I LOVE that tattoo but idk if that's what I want people looking at when I get married. Idk.
  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    I have a tattoo on the same spot on my arm as you do, OP! And it's about the same size. I plan on adding more to that arm and possibly doing more on the other arm (currently have a small tattoo on my upper left arm) before I get married. I haven't started dress shopping yet and while I don't think I'm going pick a dress that specifically emphasizes my tattoos, I'm certainly not going to try and cover them up. FI loves my ink (I have two other tattoos besides the ones on my arms), his parents are covered in tattoos and mine have come to (begrudgingly) accept them.

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  • My grandma and FMIL are going to have a heart attack because so far the dress I like I chose specifically because it perfectly frames the tattoo on my back. It's actually two tattoos that end up working perfect together. One was a heart I got years before meeting FI and then when he wanted to get his first I got a quote that actually applies to him and his son perfectly right below it. I feel with it's significance to our relationship it shouldn't be covered at all.
  • I think everyone does what makes them happy, personally mine will be covered only because I have dreamed of wearing a lace sleeved dress since I was a little girl, though they might be visible...still need to go dress shopping. But if you are proud of your ink show it off! it tells a story and that is beautiful!
  • I have two - one on my right forearm and one on my left wrist. They will both be visible. I got them where they are because I wanted them to be visible to me. I wanted to see them, they were for me, not for anyone else.

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  • I have quarter sleeves on both arms and everyone knows they are a part of me :)
  • My sister wore a dress with illusion sleeves and her arm tattoos looked lovely through the sleeve. I don't have any. My only thought would be to avoid covering part of the tat in an awkward way. Better to see an entire dragon then just its rear showing thru a keyhole back:)
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