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Day of Coordinator Help

I'm sorry if this should be in another board... I looked and just wasn't sure!

Anyways,  I decided to go with a DOC because the coordinator at my venue said that she will try her best to be around for the ceremony, but may not be if she gets too busy.  I do not want to assign the responsibility of telling each BM or GM when to start walking down the aisle to anyone in my wedding so DOC it is!

My question is really about how long I will need this lady for.  She offers a full 8 hour service for $550 OR I could get her hourly for $75.  The only thing I feel like I would really need her for is right before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and immediately after.  I was thinking of having her for 3 hours on the day as well as for the 1 hour rehearsal.  

Do any of you think it would be wiser to just have her for the full 8 hours?  Or will I be good for the 3?

My wedding budget is already tight, so even though it isn't a HUGE difference in price I'm trying to save wherever I can.

Thank you for your help!

Re: Day of Coordinator Help

  •  If you already have a DOC for the reception, then I would just go for the 3 hours for the ceremony, and an additional hour for the rehearsal. The only thing I would double check on, is how long your ceremony is going to run from the time guests arrive, until it's over. (If you haven't already). Just to ensure 3 hours is enough time. Even if you need her an additional hour, for 5 hours, (including rehearsal), you're still only coming in at $375. I would definitely go the hourly route if you're looking to save a little $!

  • Yeah we are doing a non religious ceremony so it will only be like 1/2 hour max
  •  Ah okay. Then I would think the 4 hours, including rehearsal, will be more than enough! :)
  • Go hourly, if you have someone who is there to make sure everyone is running on time for the ceremony & in their places, that is the big thing and maybe to stay around to help make sure people get together for photos.
  • A DOC for the reception would be wonderful because they can get the flow and seamlessly go from one "event" to another. Initiating dances, food, all the side stuff people don't see. At $75/hr even, I think it is totally worth it.
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  • I find this person's packages odd.  When I was looking for a DOC, the "day of" part literally meant ALL day.  My DOC was checking in with me via text/call in the morning, she popped in while we were getting our makeup done, she was at the venue hours before everything started to coordinate vendors, deliveries, etc and she was the last one to leave.  She easily worked a 12+ hour day and she was worth every penny.
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