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Bridal Party Drama

Just looking for a little advice/sympathy here, one of my bridesmaids has dropped out, and I'm upset about it. I asked my best friend to be in my bridal party a year ago, when I got engaged. 7 months later, I asked another one of my friends to be in the wedding party. My mother had said she would pay for the dresses, and I didn't want to push her financially, so I waited to ask the other friend. So my bridal party was a total of 3. My sister and my two friends. In November, we went out and found our bridesmaid dresses. My mother purchased them that day. Later that day, this particular friend tells me she can't afford to go to Vegas for my bachelorette party, which I said was fine, but could she wait and see what her finances were like closer to when we were actually going to go. I knew this friend was having issues with going to Vegas, but as she worked two jobs (not out of necessity, it's purely because she likes these particular jobs), I didn't think it was that big of a deal to ask her to look at her finances closer to the date. Well, her boyfriend, who was in my fiancé's party, thought it would be okay to ask if my fiancé's mother would be paying for his kilt rental, since my mother had paid for the bridesmaid dresses. I thought this was really inappropriate of him to ask. A week later, these friends got engaged, and we got a message from her saying that we were asking too much of them, and then they both dropped out of the wedding. My mother is upset because she spent a lot on the dress, and this girl thinks she shouldn't have to pay her back because the dress was too much money. Are my fiancé and I asking to much of this couple? I understand that they got engaged, but I would have thought that making a commitment a year ago would mean you would understand you had some financial responsibility. Vegas was never an issue, if she hadn't wanted to go then that was fine, but I guess asking her to go was a mistake? I don't know. Am I a major bridezilla for thinking that it was inappropriate of her fiancé to ask about my soon to be mother-in-law's finances? Both my sister and other bridesmaid say that I'm completely in the right in this situation, but I have no idea what I've done.

Re: Bridal Party Drama

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