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Any tips? Photoshoot?

Hello ladies,

I was wondering if any of your plus sized girls had any tips for our engagement shoot.
I have larger arms which I really hate, so I would love a way to hide them a little bit ;)

I also only find myself photogenic when I take my own pictures... So I am really worried I will hate my engagement and wedding pictures.
So really ANY tips would be greatly appreciated but I really need help in looking slimmer, making my eyes bigger and maybe some help with my double chin.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Any tips? Photoshoot?

  • I'm sure your pictures will turn out great -- remember, we are our own worst critics! That being said, here are a few tips:

    1. Arms -- wear a top or jacket that cover your arms. If you do choose to wear a short sleeved shirt, hold your arms out slightly so they aren't pressed against your sides, if that makes sense lol

    2. Double Chin -- my friend calls this the "turtle" -- stick your chin out and then tilt it down slightly. Her husband is a photographer and this is one of his tricks to avoid a double chin.

    3. Eyes Bigger -- I'm not claiming to be an expert in this area at all! I would suggest realistic fake eyelashes or those fiber lashes (mascara that comes with another brush that has fibers on them). Either will make your eyes appear quite a bigger. I've also read not to put too much eyeliner on or on too thick to avoid "squinty" looking eyes.

    Hope this helps! Like I said, we are always our own worst critics and pictures I think look horrible, my FI loves. I'm sure your pictures will be fantastic!

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  • frap33frap33 member
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    I found this article last night. http://www.rocknrollbride.com/2011/06/how-to-pose-in-your-wedding-photographs-what-to-do-and-what-not-to-do/

     I haven't had a chance to try any of the tips yet, but they seem pretty good.
  • I will def ensure I have some falsies on to make my eyes look bigger, I just notice when I don't have those on in pictures my eyes look so squinty. I will also look and see if there are any jackets that would work. That link was amazing, I have heard some of those tips before but I needed to see some examples. And gosh, wasn't she gorgeous? Hard to believe she could take a bad photo.

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  • Honestly, I forgot every single tip whenever we were taking pictures!  We just had fun, and I liked joking around with my fiance.  My best advice is just to let loose and have fun.  Your joy and love will come through, and people will be focusing on that rather than the areas you are worried about.

    That being said, I was self-conscious about my tummy for my pics, so I wore a dress that would be slimming (it was a flowing A-line skirt) and I wore heels to elongate my body line.  I also worried about a double chin, so I asked my photographer to let me know when I needed to position.  Honestly, your photographer will help you look good.  Share your concerns with him/her and they'll help you feel more comfortable!

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  • I also forgot all the tips today, other then to turn myself away from the camera a bit... My photographer already sent me some sample/sneakpeak photos which I appreciated but I'll be honest, I broke into tears. I really hated 5/6 of them... Hopefully the others are better when I get them in... But yeah my self esteem took quite a hit. Now I'm terrified about the wedding pictures - as I'll be showing more skin since it's strapless.

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  • if you have a good photographer he or she will know how to make photos look good and take them so your double chin is not showing. i have at least ten photos from my wedding where my double chin is showing i was like are you kidding me but he did take good photos but he could have done more editing to them i had my dad whos a retired photographer go and edit all the photos that needed editing and then he created a story book for me a file from start to finish of the events of the wedding, my photographers cd had three files of all the photos. 
  • Fantastic tips. I hate having my photo take so this has helped. Great posts. Thanks x 
  • I just have to say that your doggies are cracking me up LOL
  • Isn't it just the cutest?

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