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We feel accoplished

I just have to share how much my finance and I got done today.  We went out to our reception site (a country club) and asked all the questions we've been meaning to ask.  We found out that we can get ready at the reception site since our ceremony is taking place outside and that we can start decorating up to two days before. We actually had not seen the inside of the country club before booking it (I know risky), but it was so close to the ceremony site. We also started working out our decorations in our heads a little more.  We also went to the ceremony site (which is very close to the reception site like to can see one from the other) and discussed both of our decoration ideas. Plus we when to the tuxedo rental store and picked out tuxes for both the groom and the groomsmen.  And of course he got sized.  I just had to share because its one of those great days where everything went right and we got a lot done. I made dinner, which surprisingly turned out really well.  And I worked out for 1 1/2 hours.  Seriously, if I could only get this much done every day!


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Re: We feel accoplished

  • Yay! Good for you, that's a load off :^)
  • thats awesome! we had a day like that last friday and sunday..lol. went to mens warehouse to get tuxs picked out and how i want them to look, got a few things done at davids bridal, then sunday put our deposit down on our venue, and got the entire tour, and did find out that they are starting construction on building an indoor ballroom/hall and she said it shoud be finished by our date! so no worries if we happen to have some rain. finally figured out exactly how i want to do our invitations also.  even thoug i am super overwhelmed with school started our new term today and 10 books for 3 classes...plus what i will get for tomorrows classes, the wedding planning is finally flowing together and i feel like im actually accomplishing things.  hope there is more of this going around for other brides!!
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  • Whoo! Lots of check marks always feels good!
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