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New Jersey

Hotel near West Orange

What hotel are you choosing to block rooms in around West Orange NJ that provide a shuttle. Why did you choose that hotel.

Re: Hotel near West Orange

  • Kind of out of the way, but Hampton Inn in Fairfield (~12 min away from my venue in W. Orange). Offers a shuttle, no minimum no. of rooms required, and gives a complimentary room for the couple. Comes with continental breakfast too. Another plus is that it was halfway between home and my venue, which is convenient for OOT family who are extending their stay
  • That sounds like a great deal its midway for us too! I'll add that to my list of hotels!
  • I'm also using the Hampton Inn in Fairfield. 
  • Thanks ladies! I booked there also!
  • I am using the Sheraton in Parsippany.  Very nice staff and very beautiful grounds.  And the Shuttle is included as long as you have 15 rooms blocked.  They dont include a breakfast but do give you the option of paying for one.
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