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New Jersey

Westmount Brides- Lighting Question

Hello Westmount Brides! I recently booked our wedding at the Westmount Country Club and I am so excited! I have a question about lighting that maybe some of you can help me with:

We are having our reception in the Continental room. I know that room is equipped with uplighting and we will be using that. Also, in the ceiling/wall above the dance floor there is also the flashy/club-like lighting. We have not picked a DJ yet, but all of the DJs we have spoken to have told us that if we do want that lighting for the dancing portions of the night (which I think we do) we should have the DJ provide that because they can control it and they cannot control Westmount's lighting. For example, during speeches, or slow dances, we would not want the flashing lights on. I know the DJs are saying this for obvious reason, but I am wondering what other brides have done? Is it really necessary to have the DJs provide those lights, or did the Westmount lights work just fine? Did the Maitre d' control it? Also, did anyone feel that additional uplighting is necessary for the room? The lighting is on the over priced side so I would love to save money if we can!

Thank you so much! Appreciate anyone's feedback! 

Re: Westmount Brides- Lighting Question

  • If no one here can answer your question (we're in the Continental room and haven't looked at the lighting yet) I'd ask your manager. Ours is Bobby and we've found him to be really helpful with questions. 
  • Thanks! Bobby is ours too (and  yes he is very helpful). I called him and he said that he thinks we don't need the DJs lights but to come see them for ourselves before making a decision. I just wanted to hear some other bride's experiences/ opinions because even if we like how they look, I won't be able to tell how it will work out the day of the wedding.
  • Did anyone get an answer on this? We booked our wedding for April 2016 in the same room and we just booked a DJ... we are having him provide 2 lights and has said that if the overhead lights are on there is no way to guarentee who is running them- he said hes been there and seen them work fine and also a few times see them flashing around while dinner was served.
  • katyamarie I'm going to the Westmount this weekend for a meeting with Bobby. I'll check it out and let you know what I see. 
  • katyamarie I spoke with Bobby this weekend about it. He said it is something he (as my manager) or the matire d would control. You would just have to tell either one of them when you'd like it on or off. 
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