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Knee Length and Floor Length Dresses... Can i have both in one dress?

I've always dreamed of a knee-length rockabilly style wedding dress with the funky colored petticoat. But i've also always imagined that walking down the aisle deserved a floor length dress with a train (even if its just a short train) I don't want to buy two dresses, i can't afford that. Is there an affordable yet un-tacky way to sort of compromise?

Re: Knee Length and Floor Length Dresses... Can i have both in one dress?

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    I've seen some high-lows lately come into style with a few designers. 

    I have also seen options where you can buy a skirt that you put over a bodice. Maybe you could buy two skirts and see if that works? BHLDN has some skirt and bodices/corsets. You could buy a short dress and put a long skirt over it for just the ceremony. 
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  • If you don't want two dresses, I think your only options are a dress with a hi-lo skirt or a dress with a detachable skirt (a convertible dress) as the previous poster mentioned. I would look up those two types on Pinterest, Google or David's Bridal just to get some ideas.

  • I think the best option would be to find a dress with a detachable skirt so that way you can walk down the isle in a full length gown and then for your reception take off the skirt and rock the shorter hem.

    Im a Hayley Paige Bride, and I think she's an amazing designer. She has the Conrad dress that you can add a ball gown skirt to it, she has a few choices too. Best of lucks finding "the dress"
  • One of my girlfriends wore a gown with a tulle detachable skirt.  She was adorable!  Just popped it off for the reception and danced the night away!  
  • Look for convertible dresses - ones with detachable skirts. 

    I'm REALLY not a fan of the hi-low look. It might be in right now, but this is one of those looks that is going to be like puffy sleeves of the 80s.

  • Thanks so much guys!!! I'll def look into that detachable style. ^_^
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    Katie May makes a beautiful dress (St. Lucia) that zips off into such a gorgeous, fun shorter dress. I have an appointment next month at a Katie May trunk show specifically to try it on. :)
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    This is why we can't have nice things.
  • When I was a seamstress in a bridal shop, we actually did this for a girl in the alterations department. She wanted a long gown and a short dress is one.

    The way that we did it was we took her a line dress and did a multilayer french bustle (read the most difficult bustle EVER) all the way around, which turned her  a line skirt into a more full skirt.

    This can't be done with every style, but if you shop with this in mind it might be a possibility.
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