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April 2016 Weddings

Anyone else doing most everything themselves?

We're not a young couple.  We're both in our mid-30s.  We both have children from previous marriages.  We don't have a lot of money and are by no means having a traditional wedding.  We're doing most everything ourselves and we're kind of excited about that.  :-)  Anyone else doing a lot of DIY stuff?

Re: Anyone else doing most everything themselves?

  • Yes, everything except the food!
  • Awesome, Debbie.  I look forward to bouncing ideas off of you.
  • Yes, we are doing everything ourselves too with the help of family.  It's kind of fun.
  • I think it's fun too.  We're in no means having a traditional wedding for a bunch of reasons...so I can be even more creative.

    We've both been married before...
    We're in our mid 30s...
    Adam is Pagan and I am agnostic, so we're having a non-Christian wedding with Pagan elements.
    We're having an outdoor wedding and plan on having a bon-fire reception.  

    Should be fun planning.
  • I'm considering doing some of the flowers myself (mostly for the centerpieces). Global rose has some good prices even on peonies which is the main flower I want to use.

  • I'm DIY almost everything. I've even looked up ideas for my bouquet. It's kind of fun to think about and plan
  • With the exception of the reception venue, we are pretty much doing everything ourselves. My cousin is DJing the ceremony and reception. A friend of FH's family is a former mayor in the town they live in, and he is officiating the ceremony. I'm planning to use Etsy for flowers and other things. We booked our honeymoon on our own. I think it's fun to put your own twists into planning a wedding. 
  • I plan on doing quite a bit of DIY, we are doing super casual because we are going away with family for our wedding and having a party when we get back. So it will be just a fun time for our friends & extended families to hang out with us. We got lucky and I work with someone who does flowers & decorations for weddings so he is letting me borrow a bunch of his vases so we can fill them with candles, that will be most of our decorations. We wanted to keep it simple since we are doing all the set up/clean up ourselves. 
  • Yes..I'm planning the wedding myself, and bounce off ideas with my fiance. 2nd marriage for us as well
  • Alot of DIY decor and planning but staying with professionals for the big three: caterer, flowers and photography. Dress is being made. Budget is 6k
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