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Brides Who Used Imagine Studios

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Did you add photography hours to your base package? How much time did you have? Do you feel it was enough?

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    Hi Caesarsbride

    I am a Caesars Palace bride too - on the 1st December, when do you get married? :)

    We actually found our own photographer in the end - we have had to pay a outside vendors fee of $350 but our photography Joey Allen was then only another $895 on top. We also have 6 hours with him so know it will be more then enough.

    When adding up the extra it would cost us for Imagines extra time and for the photos as they are not included in our Bella Luna package, it worked out much better for us to pay the outside vendors fee and have Joey.

    Sorry that doesn't really answer your specific question but it puts another spin on it for you if you are having one of the lower cost Caesars packages too :)
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  • mrsptobeinvegas - as much as I didn't want to pay the $350, to me it was worth it so I can have my photographer take pics during the ceremony (also Joey Allen!).
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    Hi! My wedding is in August. I have the Roman package. I have been talking with Joey Allen over the last week. I really wish the outside vendor fee wasn't $350. I'm trying to decide whether to use only Imagine, only JA, or both. I'm looking at the 8hr package with JA because I want getting ready photos, ceremony, and the reception. There is no way I will pay for more than 2 hours with Imagine.

    Are you two staying on Caesars grounds for pictures or venturing elsewhere?
  • The fee is BS but it's still better than some of the other properties that don't allow third party photographers at all; those are the Cashman properties.  I'd pay it and get Joey; you'll be better having the same photog all day because he'll know exactly what style of pics you want as you'll communicate with him in advance of wedding day vs just taking whoever's on the schedule that day for the in-house photography service.

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    I wasn't too happy with the fee either but as Vegas Groom says I am glad we do get the chance to have the outside option if we want. We were going to use both but then we thought about the fee and thought we may as well use Joey only because I think he is a great price for what he offers! I want to go to the sign and maybe the Neon museum. It's next on my to do list to check where else we want to go. Where are you planning on going?
  • We're actually going to take our pictures before, my goal is to get some at Bellagio, Aria and maybe the Venetian. We're getting a limo with just us and Joey for two hours, then meeting the wedding coordinator for the ceremony. 
  • I think I want a two hour shoot just around Caesars before the ceremony. I've been thinking of doing a fun shoot around Vegas on another day during our stay.
  • A limo/transport is something I need to look at - I haven't even thought about it and just had thoughts of us walking up and down the strip - poor us and Joey!

    I knock one thing off my to do list and add 3 on :)
  • I am getting married at Ceasars in October, using their photographer for the ceremony and then Bentley and Wilson for a strip tour afterwards with 4 hours of photography to cover some of the reception. I didn't want to spend all day just taking photos but at the same time there are certain pictures that I want to have from my wedding day. I'm feeling like I need to get organised with getting ready timings the day of. Have any of you given it thought yet?
  • I didn't know until recently but Imagine is the photography included with the Mob Museum package. We opted not to do the buy-out (well, our budget made the choice, lol), so it's only one hour. We have another photographer for getting ready and reception photos, since that won't cover very much, I don't think.
  • I bit the bullet and decided to pay the fee. We've booked Joey Allen. We booked 8 hours which would have broken the budget if we kept Imagine. Btw, I love JA's style!
  • I'm sure you won't regret it - we were happy when we decided to pay the fee. As you say using Imagine for that long would have just been too much, more then the fee! Especially if you wanted all of your photos.
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    Heads up! If you are using an outside photographer at Caesars you will still have your ceremony recorded by Imagine. If your package includes the DVD, you still get it! I was unsure how that worked..
  • Ooo thanks! So I could still buy the wedding DVD if I wanted? Happy to know that!
  • If your package includes the DVD, then yes. I asked my coordinator yesterday. I'm not sure how that works if the package does not include the DVD (I believe the Bella Luna doesn't). You should ask to be sure.
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    Does anyone know the pricing for Imagine's individual prints?
  • Hi, thankfully, the disc with all photos was included w/the Mob Museum wedding. But when they sent the link to the proofs, the price list was included. Prints range from $6/photo for a 4x6 to $25 for 8x10, and $75 for the really big, I think 16x20. A high-res image to download is $35 per single image. They also offer two print packages, $150 for 17 prints ranging from 4x6 (the most prints) to 11x16 and a $80 package w/9 total prints, 4x6 to 8x10.

    I will say that I was very pleased with the photos, I am not very photogenic and the photographer, Sean, got a LOT of really, really great photos! We also had the ceremony recorded for $125, haven't received that DVD, but the person doing the video seemed very good. 
  • This is good to know as I would prefer an outside photographer. I would also prefer an outside videographer. Does that cost as well?
  • @nyhollyday I paid the outside vendor fee for photographer and Im also having my own videographer. I asked the coordinator and she said its just the one fee for both!
  • $35 per high res image. The designer in me just felt a huge pang to the heart.
  • Makes me want to become a photographer in Vegas lol

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  • Makes me want to become a photographer in Vegas lol
    You say that until you've photographed a wedding... and then you realize it's %^$!ing hell.
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