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Hi all,
I joined TK years ago as a lurker/infrequent poster, and I learned many lessons that helped shape my own wedding in May 2013.  After getting married, I stopped coming to TK, but recently I've started lurking again and wanted to become a more active member, now that I can speak as an "old married hag," I believe the saying is (or was in 2013, at least).  I have a wonderful marriage to the greatest DH in the world; he's supporting me as I battle severe depression and anxiety that's become disabling (I am medicated and in counseling).  I also have 2 fur babies, a dwarf rabbit named Thorin and a dwarf/lionhead mix named Trixie.  They aren't very photogenic because they move whenever I try to take a picture of them.  

This is a pic I took while trying to make them into my Christmas card...They're sitting on an old doll bed surrounded by treats/food, as that is the only way I can make them both face me at the same time.  I apologize if the pic comes out too big/small, I've never posted a pic to TK before.  
And yes, if you hadn't guessed by my screen name and Thorin's name, I love LOTR along with just about any sci fi/fantasy franchise.  
Anything else you want to know about me?  I normally only check the boards once or twice a day, but I promise I will respond.

Re: Intro

  • Welcome back!

    Cute bunnies :) 
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!)
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    Welcome back!
  • Jax43615Jax43615
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    Love your fur babies! My best friend growing up had a bunny as a family pet and it peed on me once :| Can you train a rabbit to use a litterbox? I actually would love to have a rabbit as a pet when we get a house but the whole going to the bathroom around the house situation makes me say no.
    I love LOTR and FI and I are eagerly awaiting the next installment of The Hobbit. Though, I find it kind of silly to make such a small book into 3 movies.
  • Mostly lurker myself, but LOTR will always get my attention:)  I love that it's a dwarf rabbit named Thorin, that's perfect!

    Have you read the Silmarillion?  I know most people don't like it, but it's my favorite of the series and I'm always looking out for others who do too.

    And kudos for being so proactive about your mental health!  I can say from experience that it's so worth the hard work you'll have to put in.  Oh, and just in case, tell your H to make sure he takes care of himself too.  Burn out is no fun.
  • Knottie#'s, I have to admit I have not read the Silmarillion.  I think I picked it up, looked at the first page, and put it back down.  Tolkien really loses me if there are no Hobbits involved, I think.  
    Jax, many rabbits do use litterboxes.  Apparently, it's easier to train the big ones and the dwarves are more difficult.  Mine live in my living room, which has been walled off with pet fencing and even some plywood (they've tried chewing walls).  They have a large cage with 2 rabbit litterboxes (they're large and triangular) that I line with newspaper and fill with hay (they like to poop and eat at the same time).  They only pee in their cage, 90% of the time in the litterboxes, which is nice, but mine leave little "pellet" poops on the floor that I have to vacuum up.  I heard that they do this to mark their territory, so it's really a behavioral issue.  I think if I kept them caged at night, they might not mark their territory so much outside the cage, but it's really NBD for me to scoop a couple stray poops.  If I had very small children, I wouldn't allow it, but for 2 adults it doesn't bother us.  They are spayed/neutered, prior to that they did both pee and leave lots of pellets on my bed, to show me that they owned that, but that behavior stopped after a trip to the vet.  Spay/neuter is a must, in my opinion, as it greatly decreases their aggression and makes them less territorial.  My female was cage-aggressive when I got her, she would attack if you tried to get your hands in her cage.  I could go on and on about rabbits--I'm still learning so much about them, but I'll shut up now!  
    My goal is to get a dog that I can train as a therapy dog for myself (the buns aren't much good at therapy), but I need to find one that I can train to not go after the rabbits.  
  • Ah yes, rabbits remain a possibility for me then lol. That is if I get FI on the bunny train
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    Do you pee in the shower?
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • I do not pee in the shower.  I'm actually very shy when it comes to bodily functions, I will still not let DH into the bathroom if I'm on the toilet.  I never did master peeing standing up.
  • Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

    Yeah, I'm that weird chick. 

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