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April 2016 Weddings

Braidsmaid here I NEED HELP!

so crazy my first time in a wedding (seriously none of my friends are getting marrie Til late in life apparently) but here's the Deal:

its an out of town wedding (i live in ny, she's having it in Florida)
im bringing my boyfriend
flights were $600
dress $150
shoes/accessories: $60 so far
hair makeup: 135 (I believe I'm paying)
car rental: $200
hotel(we opted for a motel bc we need to save money) $200 for the 4 days we are there 
and whatever extra money we have to spend for gas and food 

what do I give for a gift? 

They dont have a wedding registry as they've been together and have a beautiful house together. 

Re: Braidsmaid here I NEED HELP!

  • edited March 2016
    We have the same situation with no registration and they are pretty well off. They don't need/want gifts. Can you go in together with a few other girls in the wedding party? How about something personalized?  I am going in together with the girls in the wedding party to give the couple a sketch of the bride's gown and his suit. It is a gift card so they can work with the company (it is my dreamlines) to create their sketch. IF you don't know the other girls then go on Etsy. This is cheesy, but I love the personalized cutting boards with their names or something on it. I will do that with a gift basket of tons of really nice kitchen items. Keeps the cost down and all of it will be useful.  Good luck in your search! 
  • I personally like the idea of personalized cutting boards, or something they can use in their home. You know your friend a lot better than we do, so you can get an idea of what they would appreciate. I also think because you are traveling so far, and spending so much, your friend won't expect that much (in terms of a gift) from you; seeing your presence will be a lot more than anything you may buy.

     ~ K

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