Did anyone else see this on the tribs website today?

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Re: Did anyone else see this on the tribs website today?

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    runs for barf bag...
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    Egads! I kind of like her bouquet, though..
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    Yikes! I agree though, her bouquet is pretty and she looked gorgeous!! :)
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  • amylulichamylulich member
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    oh gosh....I'm just envisioning grease and who knows what else all over her dress!
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    I have to say she looked good in her dress.  The rest of that photographers blog was not so good with all the bad club models half naked.

  • raeynraeyn member
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    I'm confused. it says they competed for a "wedding to remember"... did they not know it was going to be at White Castle? If so they were being pretty good sports about it all. I would have been pissed.
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  • CarmanSimonsCarmanSimons member
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    lol You got to be kidding me! I agree is looks good though.
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     I think FI told me about this a few weeks ago.  I think this started off as a serious contest because he said some of his co-workers were trying to enter one of the ladies there because she can't really afford a wedding.  He said the next day, someone called in saying something along the lines of, " I have a perfect place for the couple to get married.  It's a castle....White Castle."  I assume they knew what they were getting into when they signed up, but then again, there are legit wedding contests where the audience plans a nice wedding (I think WGN did one).  I think I would have been a wuss and backed out from this wedding.
  • ladybug7485ladybug7485 member
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    haha wrong on so many levels. I got a little nervous when I saw the URL because I guess the building we're having our reception is sometimes called the white castle building because of how it lights up on the top. lol
    It cracks me up that they got ready there too!
  • jbll326jbll326 member
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    OMG I love the picture of her putting her dress on in that dirty backroom....and all the White Castle box decorations. She's such a beautiful girl to have such a gross wedding!  
  • Sparkette19Sparkette19 member
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    What can you say about a trainwreck like that? Well, let me try...=)

    First, can they really be serious about marriage to have their wedding at a Whities? I mean, I'm all about sliders (extra pickles) but come on. Really?

    I wouldn't have done it. Not only that, but I wouldn't have subjected my family to that either.

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    Good grief.  Can anything more be said about it?  Yeah, it'll be a wedding for them to remember but would you really want to remember that?  Really?

    Can you imagine showing the wedding album to friends or even years down the road--"Look, Billy, Grandma and Grandma got married at the White Castle!!!!"

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    It looks terrible. Maybe someone who couldnt afford even a wedding gown signed up for it so they could at least have some nice pictures in a gown for their big day.
  • KVMW9182010KVMW9182010 member
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    I listened to this on B96 during my daily commute to work - I actually have a friend who won, but turned it down when he found out about the details that you wouldn't know anything until that week.  People would just call in and donate their services in the mornings.  I don't even think they had a location until a few days before.  I felt so bad for the couple when I was listening to when White Castle called in to donate.  And they had to get married at 8am so it was broadcast!
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    i would totally rather pay for my wedding than this, to waste such beautiful flowers and that dress on white castle is a sin!!! even the unity candles  - just so wrong
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    i thought it was pretty priceless... i also heard it on the radio, and everything was donated to them so they did not pay for it... i agree whitecastle not my first choice, but they had no say in any of the details. She did look beautiful and got a great dress and pictures out of it.
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    Hahaha.  I saw this and immediately put it up on my gchat status!
  • MsBunny312MsBunny312 member
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    To each their own. I don't think any of us should judge them for accepting the prize or getting married there. As long as they are happy and in love and committed to each other, I'm really happy for them. Where and how you get married is not the most important thing. Being married is. I hope they have a wonderful marriage.
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    Ditto what MsBunny said.  I was thinking the same thing, but you said it much better than I could have.  And with that in mind, have any of you ever pics from the amazing Taco Bell wedding from last year (also right here in Illinois)?  Here is a link to a video about it:

    Absolutely fabulous!

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