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My sister is throwing me a shower in about two weeks.  My great aunt offered to help mostly by footing a good portion of the bill.  My aunt doesn't have any children of her own and has done quite well for herself, we have gotten closer in the last eight years or so but she still isn't much for family so I'm not very confident on a lot of her interests.  Because she is helping to pay for the shower, it is going to be a very fancy affair.  It's at a local 5 star hotel and pretty swanky from what little I know about it.

I feel like because they are spending so much, I should be getting them nice hostess gifts but I have no concept of how much to spend on a hostess gift.  Do I need to be sure I spend more because they are spending more?  I'm not even sure what more is.... I knew you guys could help.

Re: Hostess Gifts

  • MobKaz said:
    A hostess gift is a sincere and genuine show of appreciation.

    Think about time you have spent in her home.  Does she surround herself with flowers or have a garden?  Does she drink tea or coffee?  Does she keep a candy jar?  Does she keep special soaps and/or lotions near kitchen and bathroom sinks?  Does she keep a reading nook in her home?  Can your sister perhaps glean some ideas while collaborating for the shower?

    I am not a flower gal myself, but absolutely can appreciate a beautiful bouquet.  I rarely treat myself to candies but would be hard pressed to turn a box of "good" candies down.  You said you and your aunt have gotten closer in the past several years.  Perhaps you could treat her to lunch at her favorite restaurant sometime after the shower.

    Focus on the thought and not the price point.
    This is helpful.  Her home is very sterile.  She's actually given me most of her nicer home items that have family significance.  I like the idea of taking her to lunch but worry it wouldn't happen - She travels a lot and really only likes to see family once a year.  By being closer - she now reaches out to me once a year and emails in between. 

    She had two dauschaunds (spelling?) and one recently passed.  She is VERY connected to her dogs.  Because she travels so much I was thinking of trying to find something to make travel with her dog easier.  I thought she might like that.  

    That's helpful.  I just don't want to spend $40 if I should be spending much more (just an example). But you're right, if the thought is there it won't matter the price point.
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    I know many people that are as connected to their pets as their children.  You know your aunt best, but these are things I have done as gifts and/or remembrances, for others as well as myself.

    Personalized ornaments, dachshund picture frames, or even jewelry ala a charm or necklace.  I know friends and family that will wear socks that bear their pets breed for some whimsy.  Does your aunt dress her dog?  Some "smart" travel outfit might be fun to get for her dog.  Perhaps she might like a mug with a dachshund theme.

    Perhaps if you know to where she travels you could arrange to have something at her hotel.

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