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Bridal Shower Invite

Hi All- I was just wondering, are there any circumstances where it would appropriate to invite a few people to bridal Shower who aren't invited to our wedding? I have a few women who I work with and from church who we did not include on wedding invite list, but they have expressed their excitement and literally have asked to come to the shower. Is it okay to invite them? I felt a little caught of gaurd when they asked and at the time I just said "ohh I'll let you know" but I feel confused on what do do .

Re: Bridal Shower Invite

  • My MOH is the host of my shower and god bless her for being so gracious in throwing me one :) 
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  • definitely do not invite them. you invite them to that and next thing you know they will be asking you if they are invited to the wedding as well. don't open that can of worms!
  • SP29SP29 member
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    Agree with the above. I would not invite them. If they bring it up again you can let them know your MOH who is graciously hosting the shower for you cannot accommodate any additional guests.
  • I would agree, do not invite this women from your office. Then you will have more problems, not just with inviting them to your bridal shower but they will want to go to your wedding. If they share they are going to your wedding, I feel more people from your office will try to be invited. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    These women should not have invited themselves to your shower. If you are not going to invite them to your wedding, then you need to tell them, "Thanks so much, but unfortunately I can't invite you to my shower. It's up to the hostess, not me." And then you need to tactfully, but firmly, indicate that unfortunately, it's not possible for you to invite them to the wedding.
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