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  • @sparklepants41 ; damn pregnancy .... it's so weird :') I have a diffuser beside my bed that I haven't been using essential oils {I heard somewhere some can be bad, so it's on list of things to ask dr} but I may invest in a humidifier instead
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    @MissKittyDanger I think what you’re exoeriencing is definitely preggo related! I was stuffed up - no lie - from December until August 2 when I delivered lol. One thing that definitely helped though was we bought Babypants’ humidifier early on (February or so) and then set it up in our room. It’s still in there are we still use it because she’s in a bassinet next to my side of the bed and it inadvertently helped with our dog’s allergies lol. 

    @CharmedPam that’s awesome you found your earrings! I love it when things like that happen. That chocolate company though. That’s super shady. It sounds like they assume no one will check for the charge for the “free” box. I’d be tempted to get in touch with a local consumer bureau or attorney general, but I don’t know if it’s worth the effort. 

    @6fsn wtf is wrong with people? “I wasn’t yelling at your kid, lady I was trying to keep him safe so he wouldn’t get hurt.” That lady sucks, 6. She should have thanked you for watching her (rude) kid for her. 

    Im on Day 6 of feeling lousy (lightheaded, nauseous, lethargic, weepy) and Day 3 of hardly any sleep. In 3 night’s I’ve gotten maybe 8-9 hours total. Luckily H has a long weekend so he can help out with the baby and I can get a nap or two in. I’m hoping to shake whatever this is that’s making me feel crappy. I’m well hydrated and I went to the doctor and my labs are all normal so maybe this is either a virus or just a product of sleep deprivation? 
    I think that's exactly it.  But I was kinda leary of them from the getgo, so I used a card I don't even use anymore and had zero balance.  That way, if they did some shady shit (which they did), I could freeze it and not worry, since it's not my main card.

    Something is in the air! I am just getting over a cold too.  Alka seltzer cold and flu works really good for the icky feeling!

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