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When to collect addresses

Hi all! 
I'm getting married August 2018 and was wondering when is a good time to start collecting addresses. I am planning on only sending Save the Dates to out of staters and family members, since most of our friends know the date already. My plan was to create a Facebook group (which could also be used as an informal save the date) with a link to put their address in, as well as put our wedding website in this group. I'm just not sure when is the right time to start doing this since we are still a 10 months out. I think I might be overthinking this whole process, but any suggestions and advice is welcome!
Thank you!

Re: When to collect addresses

  • I started collecting when we got engaged (April 2017) and we're getting married in March 2018. I've had to update a few addresses along the way, but I just keep them in a big excel spreadsheet. It was nice to have for when my MoH asked for a list of who I wanted her to invite to the shower and we were able to use it for our STDs.
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    Something to bear in mind is that people may move or change addresses between now and the time invitations go out.

    So the only addresses you need yet are for persons to whom you are sending save-the-dates. If you are sending holiday cards, save any addresses for people who will receive invitations. But unless anyone is being invited to wedding-related events between now and the wedding (which should be hosted by others), you aren't going to need addresses for invitations until about six to eight weeks before invitations go out. During the month before invitations are sent, I'd start collecting any addresses you don't already have.

    I second @southernbelle0915's advice not to use Facebook to do it. If you do, though, I'd ask for the addresses in private messages and not in posts on your page or private groups.
  • Oh, and I totally missed the other part of your question (the "when"). For the people getting STDs, I would ask a few weeks before sending them. For everyone else, maybe start asking 4ish weeks before you plan to mail the invites. Most people will respond right away, but for the few stragglers, that'll give you plenty of time to follow-up.

  • I just think it’s really lazy to have your guests complete a form for you. Email individually. Text. Heck, call them. You input the addresses into a form if you need to. 
  • Agree with other posters, don't use a facebook group. If you do use FB use it to message them privately ( I did do this). To  be honest I never look at groups friends add me to because 9/10 its a MLM or something I'm equally uninterested in. I usually immediately leave it without a second thought. 
  • We got marred in April, and started getting addresses the summer before (so about 10ish months?) We just put a * by the people who were likely to move (cousins in college, that one friend who just doesn't stay anywhere, etc), and followed up with them before we sent anything. Most of our families weren't going to move, so we didn't worry about that.
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